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Bermuda Triangle aka Netwrk Neighborhood

By tphillips ·

Recently, client computers on the network have not been displayed via network neighborhood. This issue occurs on about one out of five Windows 2K Workstations but does not occur on our Windows 2K Servers and Advanced Servers. There are twoWINS servers on the network. All clients (Workstation /Servers) are enabled with NetBIOS over TCP/IP. There is replication between the two WINS Servers during persistent connection. I realize that there are so many variables that can cause this issue but my question is has anyone come across this issue? Does this sound like a WINS database issue? Windows update?

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network neighborhood

by jpave In reply to Bermuda Triangle aka Netw ...

Hey! Why are you using netbios over tcpip??
It sounds like your problem is that your are sending broadcast messages all over the place using netbios as a network language. Can the netbios, just use tcpip and watch the problems go away. I had the same problem with a mixed network using win98 (for legacy apps) with win2k and when all were changed to win2k the network neighborhood problems disappeared.

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by djanes In reply to network neighborhood

I think you are referring to NetBeui vs NetBios which is a TCP/IP port.

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Domain Master Browser

by razz2 In reply to Bermuda Triangle aka Netw ...

Windows 2000 would prefer most browsing through
ActiveDirectory. WINS is used for NetBios to ip
resolution and is part of the browsing funtionallity in
2000 for downlevel compatability. Network
Neighborhood, and for that matter Net View are also
based on the browser service. Take a look at:

With that said, try the following:

You can try compaction of the database using
jetpack.exe. Make sure to stop the WINS service first.

If you want, and my prefered method for speed, is to
stop the service, delete all files in the WINS directory
(not the dir structure)., and restart the service. Newfiles
will be created. This requires deleteing the files on
Push/Pull partners as well. High bandwith use in large
environments though.

Here are two more links:,,t481-

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