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Best Affordable Laptops - Refurb & New

By atbickel ·
I love my little old Dell Latitude D400 post-lease laptop...the keyboard is missing its "P", the hard drive was replaced last summer, it's ancient as the hills...yet it keeps on humming along. Still, it's going to be time to add a newer model to the family sooner than later and I'm wondering what my affordable -- yet durable -- alternatives are. For a non-techie like me, the market is a morass of options, all touting to be the best. I'm partial to Dells, as this little baby has kept chugging along through thick and thin. I'm also drawn to becoming a Mac owner, as is the trend. (I'm not hot on HP's or Lenovo's.) I work from home, so my laptop is my office -- I do high volumes of email and Word docs, along with a fair amount of Excel spreadsheets, but that's it -- no intricate, high-end data-crunching programs. So, would someone make some suggestions for me? Gracias in advance for your insights! Ariel

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Since you are probably going to be working with MS Office files quite a bit

I would recommend sticking with a Windows laptop, and probably a Dell...
my step-daughter bought one last August to start college with, Dell Inspiron...
it was about $450 dollars new. No problems with it to date.

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by atbickel In reply to Since you are probably go ...

Thanks so much for the input. It really is shocking how inexpensive a decent PC laptop can be these days, even the decent ones. I can't imagine that I'll put my laptop through any more than any college student would, so this is a good measure. I was feeling pulled toward a Mac, but maybe now I should reassess. I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in...I figured folks here would be the ones to trust to give direct feedback.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Best Affordable Laptops - ...

I am not for or against a Mac but personally I don't like the cost associated with it (can be double for what you would pay for a nice non Mac laptop) As far as the claim that Mac's are less susceptible to viruses, I've never had one on my win XP or win 7 pc. I just keep them up to date with both firewall and anti-virus and malware programs and current on windows update.

I have clients that have had everything under the sun. Haven't found a brand that hasn't a failure of one type or another, it is just common for hardware to fail. So I guess what I really mean is that it depends on what you like. Personally I don't like the "shiny" screened laptops, flat ones are better for long term use IMHO. And as always, have a good reliable and tested backup procedure in place in case the laptop does take a header.

Good luck!!!

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by atbickel In reply to Well...

All good points...as I commented in another response, it's quite amazing how the prices on decent PC laptops have shifted. While so many of my colleagues swear by Macs now, I just am not financially disposed to purchase one at the moment. I've come to learn, through tech friends of mine, that the secret to avoiding issues with any type of computer is indeed in getting good virus protection loaded up front, and then keeping it current.

As far as the "shiny" screens, I couldn't agree more. I find them to be downright annoying...I don't want to be distracted by the reflection of the dude or gal behind me while I'm trying to focus on a project. The flat screens are easier to look at for long periods of time too.

I'll probably shoot for a Mac at some point. I've already migrated to an iPhone -- though I do miss buttons. But opening my mind to PC options makes good economic sense right now. Thanks for weighing in on this and sharing your frank opinions...I knew this would be the place to get a straight answer.


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