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    best AI assistant coding tool

    by fatimazahra ·

    I have been using GPT4 for more than a half year now. I think, it does amazing stuff with Python. However, often I just come to limitations where GPT4 cannot handle my requirements anymore (even though it understands them). Do you have recommendations for alternative AI assisstants specifically for Coding such as Github Copilot? I see many services online, but which one is actually the best?

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      Re: best

      by kees_b ·

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      Why do you think there is an overall best?
      It seems likely to me that, in such a fast developing field, X might be better than Y for some tasks, why Y is better than X in others.

      So, for any problem, try more than one and use the best. As long as they are faster than you are yourself, there’s no real need to complain, is there?

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      Much like XY and AB testing there is no best.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But I want to mention that before Microsoft implemented AI into Intellicode or Visual Studio you would definitely try out Tabnine.

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      Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

      by abc933321 ·

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      Here are some alternatives to GitHub Copilot for AI-assisted coding:

      TabNine uses GPT-like models to provide autocompletions and suggestions for code. It’s known for its efficiency in predicting code snippets and understanding context.

      Kite integrates with various code editors and provides intelligent autocompletions, code snippets, and documentation suggestions. It uses machine learning models to understand and predict your coding patterns.

      Codota is an AI-powered code completion tool that supports various programming languages. It helps developers write code faster by suggesting whole lines or blocks based on your context.

      DeepCode applies machine learning to analyze code for potential issues and suggests improvements. It’s focused on finding bugs, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues.

      Sourcery uses AI to automatically refactor and improve Python code. It suggests code changes to make your code cleaner, more readable, and in line with best practices.

      CodeGalaxy provides AI-driven code completion and code search capabilities. It aims to enhance developer productivity by predicting code as you type.

      Please note that the effectiveness of these tools can vary depending on your coding preferences, the programming languages you use, and the specific tasks you’re working on. Additionally, new tools and updates may have been released.

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        Just last week I moved up to Visual Studio 2022

        by rproffitt ·

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        It was 50USD for Visual Studio 2022 which now has AI features.

        The tools you mentioned may be fighting for oxygen.

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      Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

      by lucas.wong011996 ·

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      Navigating between Julia, Python, and Wolfram Mathematica can indeed be challenging. To streamline the process, consider using specialized tools like “PyJulia” for Python-Julia integration. Additionally, explore language-specific libraries to minimize overhead.

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      Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

      by MindITSystems ·

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      Have you tried SourceLair?
      It’s an online IDE with built-in AI-assisted coding capabilities.
      Provides auto completions, code suggestions, and error detection.

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      Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

      by taradoridy ·

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      I have no successful experience using AI to write code. I assume that I am not good at using AI. But I agree with the commenter above that one instrument is better suited for some tasks and another is better suited for other tasks

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      Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

      by hhcmaytinh ·

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      I understand your frustration with GPT4’s limitations in handling complex coding tasks despite understanding the requirements. While there isn’t a single “best” alternative, here are some AI assistants worth exploring based on your experience and needs:

      Alternatives to GPT4 for Coding:

      Github Copilot:
      Pros: Integrates seamlessly with Github workflows, suggests entire lines of code, learns from your coding style, and understands natural language prompts within a specific context.
      Cons: Limited free tier, might not always generate optimal code, and sometimes outputs require significant modification.

      Pros: Privacy-focused (trained on public code only), offers code completion, error detection, refactoring assistance, and documentation generation, supports multiple languages.
      Cons: Primarily focused on code completion, free plan has limitations, and may not work as well for complex tasks.

      Pros: Open-source, offers code completion, documentation generation, refactoring suggestions, and machine translation between languages.
      Cons: Limited language support, might not be as accurate as paid options, and can be slower at times.

      Pros: Generates code from natural language descriptions, optimizes workflows, supports Python and Javascript, and works with IDEs like VS Code.
      Cons: Limited to specific languages, still under development, and free plan has usage restrictions.

      Pros: Offers real-time code analysis, suggestions for improvements, error prevention, and integration with Github and Jira.
      Cons: Primarily focused on code quality and best practices, not code generation, and requires a paid subscription.

      Additional factors to consider:

      Budget: Some options offer free plans with limitations, while others require paid subscriptions.
      Coding language: Ensure the assistant supports the language(s) you primarily use.
      Integration: Choose one that integrates smoothly with your development environment (IDE, Github, etc.).
      Specific needs: Identify your key requirements, whether it’s code completion, code generation, or workflow optimization.

      Experimentation is key: Try out different AI assistants with free trials or limited plans to see which one aligns best with your coding style and project needs. Remember, no single tool is perfect, and combining different options might be the most effective strategy.

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        Reply To: best AI assistant coding tool

        by josefromeo602 ·

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        While exploring alternatives to GPT-4 for coding, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and experience. Some AI assistants, like Github Copilot, Tabnine, Kite, Ponicode, and Codota, offer various features tailored to different coding tasks and preferences. Integrating an AI assistant into your workflow can enhance productivity and efficiency in coding projects. When selecting an AI assistant, factors like budget, coding language support, integration capabilities, and specific needs should be considered. Experimenting with different options, through free trials or limited plans can help you find the most suitable tool for your coding requirement.

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