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    by philipdawson21 ·

    I have AVIRA anti virus but I’m still getting virus, I always check my anti virus software and follow its process in deleting the virus. Not satisfied, any suggestions? New anti virus maybe? Thanks

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      All time

      by alice samanta ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      McCafee is one of the best, so far

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      Best Antivirus

      by jimzupon15338257926 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      Look at Trend Micro. They have been around 30 years and they have have a next generation AV which they call X Gen.

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      Free Antivirus

      by gilbertsharon315 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      Actually, there are plenty of different antivirus apps. It’s important to choose the best one in order to protect your PC and all the data

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      Best Antivirus

      by shrutis2878 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      McAfee is one of the best which I have used.

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      Best antivirus software

      by palakbisht011 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      1.Kaspersky anti-virus
      2.Webroot SecureAnywhere ant-virus
      3.Avast pro.
      4.Bitdefender anti-virus

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      by kylestinson9009 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      Windows Defender is okay with me, and I also installed Malwarebytes.

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      by yellowwoodit ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      MCafee and Kaspersky

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      Total AV

      by dylancooper300 ·

      In reply to BEST ANTIVIRUS

      According to the review, Avast is the best antivirus. It’s stable software that can be used to detect all types of malware and clean it up. I have already downloaded it to use. Will test and leave the reply.

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