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Hi, I wanted to see which art / design software people here liked the best. I am a prior Corel user, but it's been a while so I don't really remember it, but I remember that it was hard for me to use. but I would get the upgrade price if I went with Corel, but I'd have to get the full version if I go with Adobe or something else. (of course if you know of something FREE) - that'd be really cool..

I am also looking for a good photo editing package too. I was using the paint shop pro prior to upgrading my xp, and when I did, it quit working. Now they want me to pay to upgrade it. I am thinking about paying the upgrade fee, and I really like the package, but since money is involved, I thought I should research all the packages out there.

thanks so much

this is really important to me, so I really appreciate your help.

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by elderpyre In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

I prefer Photoshop myself due to the overwhelming amount of features, but if you're trying to save a few bucks, you could always go with The Gimp, which is free. You can find it at
There is also a linux and mac version up there somewhere as well.

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by RudHud In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

Adobe Photoshop is meant for graphics professionals, and has an extremely steep learning curve. If you use graphics programs 30+ hours a week, Adbobe's eccentric interface is a major productivity enhancer (once you master it). If you use it 3- hours a week, you'll spend all you time figuring out how to do stuff.

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by pixelsurge In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

What type of design software are you looking for? Web or print? For web site design, I recommend Macromedia Fireworks. I used Photoshop for years before switching to Fireworks, which is designed for creating web sites. Photoshop is great for photo editing and creating complex web graphics like collages, but Fireworks is much more efficient for creating web site comps.

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by ladyhawk124 In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

I've found Adobe Photoshop has too many confusing things in it. I've purchased PaintShop Pro 6 ( at a discount ) and have had great success. There's a lot of tutorials online to help you learn this user-friendly program :)

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by knee In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

If you want to do web graphics, I'd also recommend Macromedia Fireworks. I currently use Fireworks for graphics and photo editing and Macromedia Dreamweaver for site design/layout. Both seem to complement each other very well.

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

Hi, I wanted to respond to some of the questions - I am wanting this for Graphic Design/Layout (Art) related work. I am not doing this for Web design/layout. I'm trying to get started doing my art as a hobby.
Thanks Rick

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by dawgit In reply to Best Art / Design Softwar ...

Free? you got it! :-) try this program: Gimp from: this soft-ware will run good on just about any OS. You can do almost anything that you would want as in Photo-Shop. Even animations which can be run in flash. (down-loads are from so it's always ok) There's also Paint.Net (that's the name) originally from a group of Grad-Students in Wash.State Uni. (supported by MS) It was downloaded from: They did a really good job on building that one. I think it is now available from many sources now.
I use both, and can say the only limitations are operater & not soft-ware.
And, as you asked, They're both free.!. :-) but, be carefull, after you get used to them you'll find yourself having too much fun. Give 'em a try

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