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Best Begginer Jobs in IT

By HeyUTechGuy ·
Hello everyone, recently i have graduated from college with an associates degree in what my school called NCIS (Network Communication & Information Systems).

I have been job searching for a position where i can be hands on such as a pc technician which im really familiar with or some type of networking job which i only know the basics of. All i really see available to me is help desk (not something i want to do for a career) & Im going to follow up with an app i put to geek squad. But most of the positions where i would like to be in require years of experience (of course). I just want to be physically active and as hands on as possible, i just need a chance to show employers what i can do you know.

Does anyone know of the type of companies/places i should look for an entry level job that is hands on where i could learn and build a resume? I've had no luck finding any. I live in Cincinnati OH if that helps any.

Thank you so much for advice.

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Do you mean

by santeewelding In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

That "help", as in, "desk" -- helping those who know not, as you do, and for which you would presumably be retained -- is not in the cards?

I would have no use for you.

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See what I mean HeyUTechGuy

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Do you mean

'nuff said.
You need the attitude to get employers to ley you show your aptitude....

There are plenty about with both, and you'll lose to them every time, no matter how brilliant you are with hardware.

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Help desk is a chance

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

Take it, I started in support so did many others. It's crap job, but you will learn some practical IT, more to the point you'll learn about working with and for people and what IT is for.

You reek of a "The world owes me living" attitude, not many people have any time for that. Employers don't have any at all.

My first IT task was seperating print outs and delivering them to management, a year later I was coding on the mainframe to produce them. I said I could deliver reports, I was right, that and my general attitude built up a bit of trust.

There's a lot more to working in IT than being able to tell a SATA drive from an IDE, or when to use a for or a while loop.

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by brian In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

Take what Tony posted above to heart. I to started out in the IT world as a "runner/grunt" for lack of better words. Actually the first company I started to work with, I did very little IT work and for the most part helped the boss many rebuild some of his apartments (anything from wiring to painting or wood working). Soon after we had finished the fourth or fifth apartment, he placed me in the field full time. It took rebuilding the apartments to show him that I was punctual, had an attention for detail, and understood the tasks of what was laid out infront of me (ie, lay the tile floor, he laid the first row just to show the pattern, I laid the rest of it without question). We all had to start somewhere, and after about 8 years, I have changed companies and now am an assistant director of IT at a major company dealing directly with the gvt. So, basically as Tony said, and I am saying, you have to start somewhere, he started by running papers and what not to management, I started by laying tile and running electrical wire through walls.

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I did wiring as well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Advice

RS232, doing drawings and labeling up the computer room.

Then thicknet, thinnet, UTP, hubs, switches, bridges, routers, TCP/IP, network admin, topolgies, protocols, not bad for a programmer....

Client server development is what I do, network topology can have a huge impact on well my solutions perform, being familiar with the issues, stops me getting it badly wrong the first time.

Learning stuff is never wasted.

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spot on

by brian In reply to I did wiring as well

The last line you wrote is exactly right, no matter what, always learn...

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Did you not work while studying?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

say in some kind (any kind) of IT field?

If not more fool you - you now need to start at the bottom.

I would think you now feel a bit sick with the realisation that you could have given yourself a head start. Not to worry however, in a couple of years you can get going for real. :-)

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Thank you for your advice Tony & Brian

by HeyUTechGuy In reply to Best Begginer Jobs in IT

I dont want to give impression that im owed anything because of a mere associates degree, its just that I know i would do a very good job and learn alot quickly in a hands on position. But i will say, since i completed associates i thought i could atleast get in some place where i could do some physical work, im not looking to make big money or anything like that, just want to learn and enjoy the type of work i do. Ultimately i want to do cisco routing when im in my 30s+ (Im 20 now) and just want to make sure im doing the best i can do each step in my career to reach my goal.

I do understand that everyone has to start somewhere so i am applying for some help desk positions and what ever else i can handle.I figure if i cant move up from help desk it will at least give me some IT experience helping others on my resume.

And no g-man, my school didnt offer any type of intern/extern type work which was really unfortunate because i think we should all have that opportunity to put our learning to practical use on the job.

You guys have been really helpful. I truly appreciate your responses.

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There are a lot of

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thank you for your advice ...

those world owes me a living types about, some of them have PhDs never mind 'lowly' associates. I haven't got any degree at all!

You sounded like one, which as we pointed out is a bad move.

Times have been hard for a while in IT, in the US with H1Bs I understand it's a f'ing nightmare.

My start right at the bottom of the ladder (my first job was data entry on nights !) taught me that you take every opportunity you can get and wring the life out of it to get yourself a good chance at the next.

You certainly won't get f'all sat around waiting for an employer to recognise your obvious talent, in or out of work.

Glad to help.
We'd rather have someone like you in the job than some glib numpty with the right hair style who can't tell which way up a D plug should go.

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"school didnt offer any type of intern/extern type work"

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Thank you for your advice ...

You have to go and find the work yourself outside class all on your own (gasp). Not everything is handed to you on a plate - thinking ahead is the game!
That's the problem - you just sat back and said my school didnt offer any type of intern/extern type work, oh well I will not bother.

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