Best book to program in Windows?

By Gabry Hyrule ·
I recently learned C++, and I now want to learn how to program windows applications.
I live in Montreal, and there is an incredible selection of books (NOT) on the topic. More precisely, there are about three books on windows 98 programming, two for NT, and none for XP or Vista. The best I could find is a book called "Programming Windows 98/NT unleashed" by Viktor Toth. I don't really like it because it doesn't explain things (or can't get to the point) like hDC or lpsz formaly. Should I keep on reading it?
Alternatively, could anyone suggest a good book I could buy from EBAY, or any comprehensive online tutorials?

Thank you!

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by Slayer_ In reply to Best book to program in W ...

hDC's are an advanced topic, though not complicated. I cannot personally recommend a book cause I learned that crap through trial and error.

the hDC is the Window ID. the lpsz I think is just the long pointer for a paramater.

I have usually only used these with sendmessage and postmessage commands, in conjunction with findwindow and findwindowex.

So like, to close internet explorer, you would do something like this

const WM_Close as long = {Some hex value, I forget}

dim hdc as long

hdc=findwindow("IEWindowClassName","Windows Explorer 8")

call sendmessage(hdc,WM_Close)

I wrote this in VB6 code cause I am more familure with it, the syntax for C++ is nearly identical.

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RE: "..more familure with it.." - :^0

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to eh?

That is falsely true!!

..of that I am FAMILIAR.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to RE: "..more familure with ...

young fellow syntax . Doesn't matter if it's wrong so long as it's all wrong.

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by Slayer_ In reply to RE: "..more familure with ...

FF does a terrible job with my spell checking.

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Wrong angle

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Best book to program in W ...

you want a windows API book, most of the examples will be in C/C++ , though more modern ones might go from .Net.

It's more of a cookbook angle than anything else though. You need to pick something to do first, windows is too big to fit in one book to that level of detail.

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indeed, your better off to start a project

by Slayer_ In reply to Wrong angle

And learn that way at this point. You are already advanced enough that now you simply need to learn how to find the information you need.

Google is good for that. Use Google to search MSDN, MS's website can't do it.

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by Gabry Hyrule In reply to indeed, your better off t ...

I looked a bit at the MSDN and it looks okay for quick referencing purpose. Can I find every API/MFC functions' description in it?

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All the ones they are happy to talk about

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MSDN

and as much as they are prepared to say. There are windows secrets book, basically undocumented features. But if you use them there's even less guarantee than usual that they will keep working.

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Please specify what kind of prgramming for Windows

by vivek26 In reply to Best book to program in W ...

Please specify what kind of prgramming for Windows you want to do. For example do you want to do application programming or system programming.

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