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    best browser ever


    by julioccortes1987 ·

    in general which is the best internet browser?

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      What criteria?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to best browser ever

      I have to give a nod to the oldest still maintained browser which is

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      best browser

      by billgazers ·

      In reply to best browser ever

      For me is Chrome

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      Best Browser

      by Okolosov ·

      In reply to best browser ever

      I like Google Chrome, because of it usability and extensions.

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      Reply To: best browser ever

      by j-n ·

      In reply to best browser ever

      My vote goes to Vivaldi , because of the features, endless customizability options and respect for privacy.
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      Best for what actually?

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to best browser ever

      Different browsers do different things and most are different in the way that they work on induvial items so what works like a treat for One Thing may be totally useless for another.

      All Browsers lack in the security department though some are much better than others and you may require things that no browser offers by default like encryption on all outgoing packets of data.

      Questions like this are the same as Which is the Best car for some that may be a F1 Ferrari some others may only need to put 1 loaf of bread on the back seat as that is the only storage space in a Porsche 911 or another may just require a T Model Ford for what they want.

      But regardless the newest Browser available tends to have the best coding behind it till another company release their new version the next day.

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