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Best C++ Programming book

By aldous_santos2001 ·
I don't know C++ yet and I'm trying my luck for a self study. What could be the best C++ programming book for me?

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C++ for dummies

by richard In reply to Best C++ Programming book

C++ for dummies is very good at teaching you the basics, C++ for dummies, however it will NOT teach you how to make GUIs, only console applications. For that you would need a different book and it is very difficult. It is even more confusing because the language almost subdivides into many smaller languages such as: Win32API, QT, and many more. I will try and explain these in more detail this evening when I have more time. Hope this helps. Will try to post again later. Richard

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by aldous_santos2001 In reply to C++ for dummies

Hi Richard,

I've been thinking of a good language to stick with as I am not proficient with any. Do you think C++ is a better language to start with? I've been thinking of VB6, ASP, and C/C++. I'd want to do a self study and learn programming to add up to my skills that could be useful when applying for a job.

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It depends on what you want to do with it.

by richard In reply to Thanks

Sorry for the delayed reply.

If you want to make websites you should learn asp.net 3.5 not asp (it is, basically speaking, a newer version) and a good book to get would be "Asp.Net 3.5 for dummies". It is an amazing book that teaches you everything you need to know. Please remember that it requires a server or server software (I will explain more if you choose Asp.Net and IIS the one built into windows).The IDE you would really need to get would be Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express (free). I think this will only work on a windows computer (This is the IDE to get if you wish to learn any of these languages).

Visual Basic 6 is very out of date. The newest version is Visual Basic 2008(9.0). A good book to get would be Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 by Michael Halvorson published by the Microsoft Press but does teach you everything. The examples however are atrocious. Visual Basic 2008 for Dummies is also alright and includes a large section on Asp.Net. VB is a very simple language and you will be able to write proper programs within minutes however once you start becoming good, you may feel restricted.

C/C++ is the hardest to learn (especially GUIs which require pages of code) but once you have learned it, you will be able to do practically anything).To learn basic programming skills and how to write console applications, get C++ for dummies. If however you want to go past trivial console applications, you will need to choose between one of it?s ?sub? languages. Examples include the Win32API, MFC, QT4 and many more. If you decide to learn C++, I will give you some more information on each.

So, please answer me these Questions and I will provide you with more information on certain topics.

Which programming language do you want to learn?

Are you running a windows computer?

Do you have an Athens login because Microsoft are giving away very expensive programming tools for free to people with a University login?

Do you want any other information I have not included?

Anything I have said that you did not understand?

Tell me any other aims you have so I can see if another programming language might fit you better.

Really hope this helps. Sorry about the delayed response. If you can answer these Questions, I will be able to provide you with more appropriate information.


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