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    Best card for the money – 1070 ti vs 2070 Europe


    by rampage95 ·

    So, the last couple of weeks I’m having quite a hard time choosing between the 1070 ti or rtx 2070.

    I read a couple of reviews, and i would say that 1070 ti is the best card for the money, but accordingly to the passmark website the 2070 is slightly better than the 1080 ti, what made me really indecisive. I would say that the only reason why the 2070 would be better, is that nvidia launched better drives to make 2070 look better, but I’m not sure.

    I want the best card for the money but like we all know the msrp around Europe isn’t the best, and i got stuck between a 1070 ti for 480 € and a 2070 for 570€.

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