best cheaply priced switch for practice

By final_ace ·
Currently I'm looking to get more familiar with configuring switches and servers, kind of like setting up a home lab environment. I'm trying to find a cost effective (pretty much I mean cheap) switch and server for practicing with. Would anybody happen to know of some good models to work with?

Thanks in advance

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Search google for "used cisco switch"

by TG2 In reply to best cheaply priced switc ...

Search Google for used cisco switch. You'll get a bunch of hits. Tips ... refurbished is going to be more expensive than plain old "used" equipment. Even Amazon has a used 2950 for $377.

Key in "refurbished" is that it should be physically clean. You shouldn't see dust bunnies and other garbage if you **** air through it. Refurbs from recognized names should mean they've been back to the factory, cleaned, inspected, possibly loaded with the most current basic feature set and then repacked for sale. (actually the one I mention is from their partner Buy.Com)

You may also want to look locally, if you have any computer shops in the area, ask them if they have any used equipment for sale or if they know of anyone locally that deals with used networking equipment.

Four years ago a local outfit in MD was selling used 2924's for 60 bucks a piece (little pricey but still better than 300 for a refurb) .. so it pays to look around.

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by final_ace In reply to Search google for "used c ...

Thank you for the information, I didn't know if there was definitive place or website to buy switches or servers of good quality at a decent price. I appreciate the idea of looking in different avenues (outside of the internet) for good prices as well.

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