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Best coding skills to pick up

By bright-side99 ·
I've worked a variety of jobs in IT for the last 20 years in systems support. 20 years is long enough to wish for a change, and after having classes in various programming languages over the years (which I loved), was considering trying to re-enter IT on the developer side of the house.

What are the best current technologies to learn in order to make yourself marketable?

Also, wondering if it's possible to get side jobs at home as a way to gain skills and still keep the regular job until ready to transition?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. .

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In the windows world

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Best coding skills to pic ...

it's going to be Java or .NET
Best bet is to hit the job sites for areas where you want to work and see what technology they are picking.

Getting a start in development this late in your career is going to be hard. Probably consultant / contractor is going to be your best bet, but you are going to have to be able to sell yourself on that front.

In the uk there are coders for hire type sites where you can bid to do jobs at home, not sure how much use they would be cv wise though.

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Defnitely Java and .NET

by gardfield In reply to In the windows world

Java (J2EE) and .NET are the most demanded.
Be aware (I'm pretty sure you are) that nowadays recruiters seem to hire based on what you have done or what your CV says, and not on what you are actually capable to do. I have suffered this myself.
Good luck.


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What is CV

by carlheydman_jr In reply to Defnitely Java and .NET

...okay, what is CV?

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Curriculum Vitae

by Ashby In reply to What is CV

What Americans call a Resume

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I would recomend c#

by tmiller In reply to Best coding skills to pic ...

C# would be a good place to start.

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Best coding skills to pick up

by techrepublic In reply to Best coding skills to pic ...

Yes, it's quite possible - I've done it myself.

Choose .NET or Java and get really familiar with your choice by working on a 'real world' project. E.g. look at a piece of shareware and decide how you could copy it and then improve it - then go to work.

Then, offer your services for hire on (you won't get paid much, but it's all good experience) or even for free to a local company.

Pick up some real-life experience that way so that you can legitimately put it on your resume and ask for references.

Then send it out to every recruiter you can think of and every local company you could be interested in working for. Be realistic about salary expectations to begin with and console yourself with the fact that you don't normally have to wait long - maybe just a year or two - before you're rewarded much better. Even if you have to jump ship to get it.

Good luck!


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Problem With Home Schooling

by TheGooch1 In reply to Best coding skills to pic ...

The major challenge is that most development teams are well...teams. Development isn't just learning how to code...its learning strategies, process, and procedures that cover everything from gathering requirements, to design, to unit testing, integration testing, version control, and more.

You can learn some of this on your own, but most of them involve working with other developers, team leads, quality control, and the customer!

I've seen people start as testers and then move on to developers, so that may be a path you take.

Regardless...good luck!

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