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Best commuting camera

By tom.firm ·
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I consider buying a commuting camera to mount it on the helmet and use it during riding a bike to work. I’m looking for something not too expensive. Also it should be something small that wouldn’t disturb me during riding. I’ve read positive opinions about Drift Stealth 2. Have you used it? Is it really so good? Please, write about your experience with this device.

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Read Descriptions

by FrancisJones In reply to Best commuting camera

There are several good brands producing such cameras to be used while on a bike ride. I know about some of them like Road Hawk, Contour and Re-Play. But suggesting the best one without evaluating your exact need and budget is not easy from my side, but I can say that you can decide yourself if you care to browse the hundreds of products listed in Amazon or Ebay online stores. Just don't simply look at the products, but look at the detailed description given for each camera, so that you can get a clear picture of what the device is actually capable of.

One thing I can suggest to you is that look for a camera that's having higher battery life, because it will help you during the rides to stay connected.

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Battery life

by tom.firm In reply to Read Descriptions

Thanks for your reply and recommendations. Your suggestion about battery life reassures me that this Drift Stealth camera would be a good choice, because in almost every review there is information that it has one of the longest battery lives on the market. :)

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by RS_Darwin In reply to Read Descriptions

GoPro usually does it for me. If you're looking for a less expensive option, Xiaomi just released a couple of action cameras late 2016. Camera MP is around 16-18MP and can be mounted on bikes, cars, buses, or just about any other vehicle of your choosing.

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Drift Stealth 2

by baptistesorensen In reply to Best commuting camera

My friend use Drift Stealth 2 and he says that is really good. I don't know, but he says that.

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by tom.firm In reply to Drift Stealth 2

Thanks for info. Another vote for Stealth! :) Did you friend specified which features of this camera he likes the most? I'm asking, because every opinion of Stealth's reals extremely valuable for me.

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Drift Stealth 2 best features

by johncharlestreyes In reply to Features

I've used Drift Stealth 2 and the best features are:
easy mounting options
Excellent quality footage
Rotating lens
at least for my experience.

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Best commuting camera

by alexstingmaster In reply to Best commuting camera

I use a program called DashWare. You will need GPS data, that you use with the program. I have a Garmin Oregan 550 that I take with me. I just upload the gpx file into DashWare along with the video footage.

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My choice

by davidsnipes In reply to Best commuting camera

I think the best commuting camera needs to be waterproof, has long battery life and infinite recording capacity. High qualiy image is one of important features. Also it’s useful if the camera records sound without needing to plug in an external micriphone. I know two good and popular brands - Contour and Replay. I give preference to the last. Now I'm using Replay XD – 1080 Mini.

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Best commuting camera

by maxistress In reply to Best commuting camera

J4000 decent enough and cheap as chips to get a couple

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by sophiehendrix031 In reply to Best commuting camera

I now use GoPro from outdoor, underwater activities but I sometimes use it as a car dash cam too. But there are other cheaper versions of the GoPro, I see those being sold online.

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