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Best Configuration to Network 2 PCs

By mjamilw ·
I want to connect 2 PC's in my home running WinXP using wireless networking. What is the best hardware configuration? Anybody can guide me please what hardware I will need?

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by CG IT In reply to Best Configuration to Net ...

get a wireless router [reguardless of whether or not you have a high speed internet connection].
A router has wireless security features such as WEP and Station management [such as only allowing computers access by MAC address]that a wireless network should have. The router can also handle IP addressing for the PCs through the DHCP server on the router and performs. If you ever decide to get high speed internet access, your already setup. Access points also provide Wireless connectivity however do not provide the benefits of a router should you get high speed internet connection [such as NAT on the WAN port].
There are many different brands of wireless routers available and many different price ranges. All basically do the same thing. The difference is in customer support, updated firmware for router enhancements, and advanced/sophisication of firewall protection [though virtually all routers provide some basic form of firewall protection].

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Best Configuration to Net ...

Another important benefit of a wireless router vs a simple access
point is setting up: it is a lot easier and more secure to do so
with the router attached by ethernet cable to one of the PCs than
to try to do it all wirelessly.

Keep in mind that this router is effectively a mini-computer itself
with an embedded OS when considering security issues. At least
be sure to rename the wireless server, and each of the PCs
involved. Nothing says "Hack Me" quite so invitingly as a server
named "linksys" or a PC named "My Computer." Be creative with
the names or you might find yourself accidentally surfing on
your neighbor's system--or vice versa.

If they don't have it built-in, each of the PCs will also need a
wireless trans-ceiver. PCI cards tend to be more reliable, yet one
that connects via USB could be handy to have around for guests
with laptops who would like to get quick access.



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by lesko In reply to Best Configuration to Net ...

If there are only 2 PC's you might want to look at a crossover cable, its quite a bit cheaper than wireless and you can run Gigabit over it (Cat5e or Cat6).

If you really insist on using wireless, ie areas that are difficult to reach I suggest using an access point or a wireless router that supports WPA its quite a bit more secure than WEP (See Tech Republic's acticle on the FBI demo cracking WEP in under 3 minutes). The easiest WPA setup is by using pre shared keys just make sure you use a really difficult one (lots of funny characters like @#$%^ mixed in with letters).

Again there are only 2 PC's so really you can do the same just with 2 wireless NICs but of course the access point or the wireless router offers greater control and more features

good luck hope this helps

oh yeah make sure you change your radio channel to anything other than the default which is most likely channel 1. Pick 6 or 11 as most of your neighbours probably left their radio channels at default so their signals are clobbering each other and therefore they both have slower performance.

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