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Best course to follow

By rljackson09 ·
I am finally going to college this fall. I've been out of school for over 25 yrs. I am interested in getting involved in the IT industry, but am unsure of the availability of future jobs that don't involved having a Masters degree. Is it viable for a 45+ woman to just now be entering the IT field? I don't have any "Real" computer or IT experience, just find computers and technology fascinating.

Any input, opinions and suggestions are welcome.

thanks in advance

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In my opinon if you specialize, yes

by LarryD4 In reply to Best course to follow

The IT industry has a wide range of areas, but I can't see you going in to Network Administration, Network Design, hardware support, or Network engineering. I could see someone of your age going in to production control, training, document management, etc. I don?t want to discourage you from going in to a more hands on ?technical ?role. But most of the positions listed above rely on some prior knowledge beforehand. Since we are of similar ages I have to look at what I would do with knowledge I have of the industry. And taking the technical hardware route would be a longer harder road to travel.

But then again I don't know you and you may be that high tech sort of person.

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What are your interests?

by NickNielsen In reply to Best course to follow

Speak with a career counselor at the college and ask them to help you match your interests to positions in the IT industry.

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Look in your area

by KSoniat In reply to Best course to follow

for what types of jobs seem to be available.

Are you willing to move?
"IT" is pretty "broad" it's like saying "engineer" where you must choose chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc.

Specializing is a good idea - I recently returned to work after an 8 year hiatus as a stay-at-home mom. I had 13 years experience previously (as a systems analyst in a midrange manufacturing environment). It was difficult getting someone to take me seriously after such a gap, but I found a pretty good position and enjoy what I do.

Do you have any work experience?
Some may rather hire a "new" grad with 15 years experience in an unrelated field than someone completely wet behind the ears.

Have you supervised others, managed projects etc? It all can count!!

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