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Best CSS examples?

By RexWorld ·
So I admit that I've been trying to learn CSS myself lately, since I just bought a new personal domain and I want to make it a modern, table-free site. What resources (besides Builder.com of course) have you guys found to help?

There's the W3C.org site but that's just the standard. There's also some great CSS templates on bluerobot.com and on glish.com. What else is out there for your fellow CSS learners?

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CSS 2 Programmer's Reference

by RexWorld In reply to Best CSS examples?

I'll get things started by mentioning this CSS2 Programmer's Reference that I bought last week:


Very helpful, good concise information. It's not however the place to turn for inspiration as it doesn't really have big examples. It's more for solving specific problems than for getting creative ideas.

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Eric Meyer worked for me!

by vsanchez In reply to Best CSS examples?

I recently bought his book "Eric Meyer on CSS" ISBN:073571245X.

It has a lot of creative content that could be easily incorporated into your projects.

You can also find more info about this book online at www.ericmeyeroncss.com

I hope it gets your creative juice flowing.

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by prjmngr In reply to Best CSS examples?

Nobody gives examples like builder.com, huh?

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visit the garden

by spindle7 In reply to Builder.com

For living examples of great CSS design I find that a visit to www.cssZenGarden.com does the trick. And there are a whole whack of good articles at www.alistapart.com.

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Very cool, thanks

by RexWorld In reply to visit the garden

Hey those csszengarden.com samples were great. Thanks for sharing that, a good resource.

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My Fav Site

by MichelliL In reply to Best CSS examples?

Well, it is not particularly a creative site per say, however, I rely on www.w3schools.com for tons of info. They have references for numerous programming languages, as well as a CSS reference table. They also provide step-by-step lessons for many different subjects, including CSS.

All of their info goes from beginner and brings you to advanced in an easy-to-follow format.

The best part about the site though, is that it is FREE!

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by RexWorld In reply to My Fav Site

That's a good site as well. Hadn't heard of them, thanks.

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CSS Information for the True Professional

by gator4life In reply to Best CSS examples?

Once you get accustomed to using CSS, bookmark this site as fast as you can: http://www.blooberry.com/indexdot/css/

It isn't the prettiest thing to look at, but the information at Index DOT Css is indispensible.

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My Favs

by ferdfrog In reply to CSS Information for the T ...
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by deron.blevins In reply to Best CSS examples?

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