Best data only for a device?

By LukeCallaghan ·
I want to get my Grandma on a WiFi only system (data only) just so she can use Spotify at least. What are the best options? Getting WiFi for her? Getting a smartphone and getting the best deal for data only? What are the best options for data only tariffs or sims?
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That very much depends where in the world you are.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Best data only for a devi ...

Different countries have different Data Plans so you would have to look at your country plans available to work out which is the best for you.

However one of the comparison sites may be of help though I do not believe that they cover every option just the ones that their sponsors have.

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Best device

by jhask564 In reply to Best data only for a devi ...

You can take a broadband connection, that was best for your system.

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This can be used!

by jonesst430 In reply to Best device

Broadband connection isn't bad though. But if there is electricity problem then it will hamper. But for mobile data (wifi) it's seamless.

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Mobile device!

by jonesst430 In reply to Best data only for a devi ...

I use a mobile device for seamless data connection. I buy monthly pack for me and then start using. You can also try for it.

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by jackdanielsking2 In reply to Best data only for a devi ...

You can either reach out to your nearest ISP and upgrade your Wifi connection to a minimum 10 Mbps speed
Getting a smartphone and a wifi connection is more than sufficient as per your requirement you do not need to activate data pack for that
Just whatever fits your budget and suits you well.
But according to me smartphone plus wifi will be the best option

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