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best degree to pair with an IT degree

By Lumbergh77 ·
I have a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems and work in the field as an "IT generalist". Based on my education and experience, I seem to have hit a glass ceiling in my career. An IT degree doesn't seem to be enough anymore and I'm looking to further my education. I really don't care to go the certification route because they have to be renewed every 5 years while a degree is for life.

Here are some options I'm considering:

1) MBA and MS in MIS
2) BS in accounting and MBA
3) BA in psychology and MBA

At the present time I'm leaning toward a BA in psychology (with a possible MBA down the line). I find the subject matter interesting and most of the electives are out of the way. I figure that it would be a nice complement to an IT many IT workers out there also have a good understanding of people as well as technology?

I'm looking for the path with the most opportunity and security, not necessarily the potential to make the most money. Any recommendations?

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Good question

by JRod86 In reply to best degree to pair with ...

I'm actually looking forward to hear some responses as well. I don't think I've hit any ceiling as far as job possibilities, but I'm still working on my BS in IT, hopefully shortly after I'll get a BS in Business as well. I'm hoping that covers enough bases that I can do almost anything in the corporate world.

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BS in business vs. MBA

by Lumbergh77 In reply to Good question

Is there any particular reason why you would go for a BS in business instead of an MBA?

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by JRod86 In reply to BS in business vs. MBA

I'll have most of the requirements done so I might even be able to graduate with two BS's. I have considered an MBA, but law school seems more attractive if I decide to get a master's somewhere.

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One BS is enough

by amcol In reply to Good question

Why would you go for a second bachelor's degree?

I'm all for advanced education but one undergraduate degree is more than enough. As you undoubtedly know from your own bachelor's curriculum, about 75% of the classes you take are either pre-reqs or filler classes designed simply to get you to some artificial threshhold so you can qualify for graduation. A second undergraduate degree would be a colossal waste of time, money, and energy.

Go straight into a Master's program. Any quality program will give you the pre-reqs you need for that particular curriculum.

Get an MS if you want to be a teacher or a scientist, get an MBA if you want a career in the business world.

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To what end

by jdmercha In reply to best degree to pair with ...

More information is needed.

Typically a second BS/BA is a waste of time. You can most often get an MS in less time. A Psychology degree would be worthless unless you get an MS and a job as a therapist.

But if opportunity and security are what you are looking for you can't beat a BS or MS in Nursing. Nearly as good would be a BS or MS in Engineering.

Based on your three choices, the best bet is to go right for the MBA. Once you have an MBA any other degree won't help, unless you are changing fields.

Also consider a PhD. In the same time you it takes to get an MBA and another degree you could complete a PhD.

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