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best desktop for k-5 school

By rebeccaherrick ·
I am doing a report for my written communication class for my electronic's degree, and have to compare IBM, HP, and Dell to find the best desktop for K-5th grade kids. My daughter's school is looking to replace 25 computers in thier lab and will be reading and using this report after my prof. has graded it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what model to start with or any other suggestions? I am in my second semester and the 3 others in my group are not going for anything remotely electronic or computer based; not getting a lot of help from them so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by gralfus In reply to best desktop for k-5 scho ...

I would use the resources available on the Dell site. Any of their intro models will be more than kids that age will need, and typically at a good price. Dell has a good repair policy also, for when the kids trash the computers.

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Dell too

by trockii In reply to best desktop for k-5 scho ...

I highly recommend Dell computers. You can't beat the price WITH a monitor as well. Dell also has special rates for schools. Check out and give them a call. I am sure they will be more than happy to help you out.

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None of the above

by JamesRL In reply to best desktop for k-5 scho ...

I honestly believe the best desktop for K-5 is Mac. Its a simpler interface, its robust, generally requires less support and is more secure.

The only limiting factor is software. You can run most "major" apps like MS Office. But there may be some curriculum specific stuff that you want to verify.


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Maybe both?

by gralfus In reply to None of the above

If they have PCs at home, using a Mac can be frustrating. But if they don't, then it can be more easy to use. It might even be a good idea to have both kinds, so they can see that there is more than one way to do computing. Heck, even Linux could be used on one of the PCs, with something friendly like Mandrake (and it's free!). Kids that age are like sponges and can take to variety easier than adults.

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Yes, Dell Also

by willcomp In reply to best desktop for k-5 scho ...

Recommend Dell also. With judicious selection, you should be able to get a decent PC with 15" LCD monitor and extended warranty for about $600.00.

Inexpensive Dells usually do not come with floppy drives. If you will need them, be sure to include on order. Floppy drive mounting bracket is not included unless you purchase floppy drive. So you can't add later.

You will want head phones instead of speakers. Can buy from Dell or purchase separately.


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Look at manageable PCs.

by KeithH222 In reply to Yes, Dell Also

Too many first timers buy low priced consumer machines and spend their time fighting minor differences in machines (Dell, IBM or whoever's consumer box) from order to order or from machine to machine. In a lab you want a easy to deploy, stable platform with a good waranty.

Intel's view on stable design:

A managed machine such as this will save money in the long run and is very well designed for a lab. In education always get special pricing as there are hardware and more importantly Microsoft discounts applicable to schools

These have a single power cord w/ 12' power cord(most fire codes do not allow power strips in schools and single unit disposal cost) no power supply fan so they are very quiet, nothing on the floor for students to kick, upfront volume and headphone jacks.

And no, I don't sell these. I consult on enterprise equipment.

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Dell is a good choice

by canadianmade In reply to best desktop for k-5 scho ...

I currently work for a small school district and we have standardized everything on Dell. They are relatively inexpensive, reliable and the warranty/support is very good.

We use windows XP on all of them and run a very wide variety of software titles and everything runs well. Most of our Dells are Optiplex GX 150's (these being cheaper than Dimensions)

Overall we are pleased with using Dell.

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