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Best domain registration deals?

By VladanM ·
There are hundreds of ICANN accredited registrars and even more web sites that offer various services regarding domain registration and administration. The mere number of choices and their combinations is overwhelming.

The purpose of this discussion is to share experiences and compare prices/services of as many providers as possible, so we can all make an educated choice next time we register a domain. I would concentrate on systems that offer full-featured domain registration and leave outfree systems such as NameZero. Those can be a separate topic.

When I registered my first domain more than two years ago, Network Solutions was still the only registrar, but there were already quite a few web sites that offered various services on top of plain vanilla domain registration.

I didn't need web hosting and/or mail server, but I was very interested in mail aliases and web redirection. I have chosen to register through since they offered the best package for a one-time fee of (if I remember well) $25.

I haven't regretted my choice so far. MyDomain improved their already very good package considerably over the past two years, constantly adding new features with no extra charge. They became free (not even aone-time fee) and they switched from Network Solutions to NamesDirect offering even lower registrar fees. Right now you can register for mere $15/year! One of other advantages of NamesDirect is complete control of your WHOIS record (no one can read my address and telephone number from it any more).

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Best domain registration deals? Part 2

by VladanM In reply to Best domain registration ...

Services they currently offer include (but are not limited to): Standard/Stealth URL Forwarding, Path Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Title/Keywords/Description Meta Tags, catch-all e-mail redirection for main domain and subdomains... You can set hostnames, MX records, CNames, and SOA records. All that for free, from a web interface (no contact with administrators and/or support needed). I have found almost every feature extremely useful, so much that I would be lost without them.

Unlike Network Solutions, you can register directly on NamesDirect web site instead of going through MyDomain. It's somewhat simpler that way, but with much less features and - guess what - more expensive! At least while that $15 offer lasts.

Now, let's hear from you. Comparisons, comments, experiences (good or bad), remarks, better deals, better services...

Disclaimer: Apart from being a user of their services, I am in no way associated with neither MyDomains nor NamesDirect. I apologize if any of mystatements are not true, and invite you all to correct me.

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