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Best Email Ati-spam /Firewall

By ndikid ·
WE are considering implanting an enterprise email security system for about 500 users. We are considering GFI mail essentials and GFI mail security versus Barracuda Network spam fire wall. Can anybody suggest the better product of the two.

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by Kryptos In reply to Best Email Ati-spam /Fire ...

Try ISS Proventia Mail Filter

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by PSX In reply to Best Email Ati-spam /Fire ...

Can you elaborate on why you chose GFI over Barracuda? I am also in the market for a spam firewall and was leaning towards the Barracuda 300 series. I am using Symantec's own antispam engine (not Brightmail) and it's just not cutting it (about 10-15% of spam gets through and there are occasional false-positives).

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GFI not great for a large network

by john00027 In reply to Best Email Ati-spam /Fire ...

We have tried GFI Mail essentials 10 on our network, running G4 HP DL 380s 4 GB RAM etc
It process between 80 and 120 messages a minute. If you have heavy volume the GFI engine will not be able to keep up.
Do not use the SPF function as it is known to make the engine stop responding.
It cannot do OCR so it's unable to block message with those annoying stock alerts

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by lcanterbury In reply to Best Email Ati-spam /Fire ...

Just intalled the Barracuda one week ago. All I can say is it's excellent product. Little to no time for admins monitoring what being blocked or having to release blocked emails. Have not had one false positive yet.

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Webroot Email SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

by henryadam80 In reply to Best Email Ati-spam /Fire ...

"I'm currently subscribed to Webroot Email SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) - I'd seriously consider that and forget about any appliance products. Its a cloud based service that sits between your ISP and your email server.

It's above and beyond what an appliance product can provide - all the threats are removed before it hits your network... but the main reason why i changed was that Webroot provides very good Service Level Agreements. Appliances like Ironport DO NOT guarantee any performance - such as Spam capture, AV protection, Email uptime etc.

The ease of deployment and ease of use was the clincher for me over appliances or software because if they dont perform well... the appliance breaks or fails... Yikes!

Webroot Email SaaS has a global network of Data Centres to provide protection with full redundancy and guarantees on email uptime... i think this is a better approach as it leverages a security company's infrastructure. No more manual updates or annoying hardware installs.

Here is the link for more details:"

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