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Best Firewall and VPN Solution for Small Business

By Jollymon ·
I generally deal with small business offices and currently have a new client that is in need of a Firewall and VPN solution. This client has less than 10 users but needs the ability to securely access server and workstations from any location. What types of solutions make the most sense in this scenario? Anyone have a strong recommendation?


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Have been evaluateing

by Dumphrey In reply to Best Firewall and VPN Sol ...

pfSense lately for personal use. Its a strong product. I haven't tried the VPN yet, but its all built in. The price is right in that its FOSS, but you would need to buy hardware for it, and a switch for the LAN if not one already. beats the crap out of a lynksis device and 1/2 the cost or less of an entry lvl cisco.

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What price point?

by Churdoo In reply to Best Firewall and VPN Sol ...

There are several options, just depends on the budget.

<$100 linky WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware
around $200 linky RV042 VPN/Router appliance
around $300 linky RV082 VPN/Router appliance (like its 042 brother but better/faster proc and more switchports, though I typically use only 1 switchport as an uplink from the site's main switch)
$500-$600 Sonicwall TZ170

or the bundled distro products like Dumphrey suggested, Pfsense being one, and Untangle (, among others. With these, sure you can download these for free, but you have to have dual-nic workstation hardware to put them on, and no slouch of a workstation either. This puts their price point around or above the Sonicwall depending on what hardware you have kicking around, but you do get fantastic functionality, everything from VPN and routing to anti-spam.

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