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Best free Microsoft Office substitute?

By danielfranco0234 ·
Hi everyone.

I would like to know, which free or open-source alternatives are the best to substitute Microsoft Office in Windows?

I've been searching for a suite that allows me to open and edit both .docx and .xlsx (the versions that started with Office 2007).

Last time I tested OpenOffice it didn't let me open those type of files, just standard plain .xls and .doc. Of course, it was years ago since the last time I checked it, so I don't know if support for those files has been added or not.

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Officce substitute

libreoffice is good option, also web apps: word online of Outlook or Google docs.
Good luck

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by danielfranco0234 In reply to Officce substitute

Thanks a lot for your answer!

I will check Libreoffice then, hope it has more features than OpenOffice.

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by gracehadid123 In reply to Best free Microsoft Offic ...

The list of alternates is too many but the best are discussed below. Here are the top substitutes which surely going to help you in any circumstances.
1) LibreOffice.
2) Open365.
3) Microsoft Office Online.
4) WPS Office Free.
5) Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

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I agreee

by kavyathapar19 In reply to Technology

LibreOffice and open Office is best option.

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Microsoft office substitute

by In reply to Best free Microsoft Offic ...

1. WPS office and
2. Libre office are the best options...

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office substitute

by gerlino030 In reply to Best free Microsoft Offic ...

Libreoffice, it's awesome

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MS Office Substitute

by arysondc In reply to Best free Microsoft Offic ...

One of the best solutions is to use Linux operating systems.
These are free of cost and does not need any license to use.
It's just that the formats supported are a bit different like .odt,.ods etc

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Best free Microsoft Office substitute

by marks567217 In reply to Best free Microsoft Offic ...

Best free Microsoft Office substitute
LibreOffice, WPS Office and NeoOffice

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