Best Gpu for i5-3470

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As mentioned in my previous posts, i own an old HP compaq elite 8300 with an i5-3470, 8gigs of ddr3 ram, and 320W Psu. Im thinking of buying a decent gpu and have asked many places but everyone has replied differently. Without considering the current stock market and prices, what would be the best gpu for my pc? (I can also upgrade the psu if required)
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I had a long discussion where I shared such an upgrade.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Best Gpu for i5-3470

I started with an old HP d4999t with the quad core C2Q and stepped it up from some GT 240 to at the end a GTX 1070. I was limited to the 10x0 Nvidia due to the BIOS not having EUFI support.

The power supply was about 300 Watts so I used a Watt meter to see how far I could go without a PSU upgrade. I made it all the way to the 1070 without overloading the stock PSU. I was not able to source the 1080 for a reasonable price so for me the GTX 1070 was the best I could do.

That said the 8300 might be a full size case with EUFI support so without limits I'd go for the RTX 3090, new PSU and max out the RAM. Any old HDDs would be replaced with SSDs.

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PS. Remember this will invariably start a debate.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I had a long discussion w ...


The question is in your title. While I would pick out something a bit more mild (and available) I can't guess what monitor you have and what game titles you are considering or if this is not for gaming but for Bitcoin mining.

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I kind of misexpressed myself

by ElStiletto In reply to PS. Remember this will in ...

As also mentioned in the bottleneck calculator site "Your processor is too weak for this graphic card on 1080p resolution", I'm looking for the best GPU for the processor I've got. Something which wont cause bottleneck issues or wont be an overkill for this system. I might have misinterpreted myself by saying "without considering the stock market and prices." by which I really mean is that I'm looking for a suitable GPU for i5-3470 and that there are no stock problems in my country. For example, I can find a decent 1050ti for a reasonable enough price. Nevertheless thanks for the reply :)

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There can be bottleneck issues (debateable!)

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I kind of misexpressed my ...

Even with a mild GPU. Your question up top asked for the best and even as I know there were bottlenecks with my test mule (C2Q and GTX 1070) ---> IN SPITE <--- of the bottlenecks the GTX 1070 and C2Q benchmarked and performed better than the 1050 Ti and 1060. So best was the 1070 and maybe a 1080 in spite of any CPU bottleneck.

There are many priors about this and ... everything matters but this remains true: The FPS never seem to plateau as we install a more powerful GPU keeping the same CPU.

I've seen folk drop a thousand USD to get 2 more FPS. They wanted the best and that was their choice.

-> Only you can set your budget and balance the dollar over performance question. But best? Still have to write the RTX 3090 and new PSU.

For me to comment otherwise I'd need to know more about the game, settings, monitor and where you feel the performance is good enough.

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by ElStiletto In reply to There can be bottleneck i ...

Well it seems as if I had a big misunderstanding on the GPU-CPU relationship( still learning :) ). I thought that if the bottleneck percentage was high then I wouldn't get as many as fps as I would from a lower GPU, but this reply clarified it. Thanks for your time

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Raising money for your RTX-3090.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Best Gpu for i5-3470

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