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Best Hard Drive? Worst Hard Drive?

By maxwell edison ·
I've had two Maxtor 60 GB (Model 6Y060L0) hard drives fail within 4 week of each other. I was not able to recover any of the data. (Not a huge deal, as it was mostly employees' personal type stuff and/or files they didn't save to the servers.) I have quite a few more of these drives currently in use. Are these drives a time-bomb waiting to go off and destroy all the data they hold, I'm beginning to ask myself?

I'm inclined to replace them all before they fail. But will they fail if I don't? I have six out of the original eight still in use -- a 25 percent failure rate. They are all two years old, give or take.

What's the best drive out there right now? What's the worst?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Best Hard Drive? Worst Ha ...

Max, did you check the S/N of the failed drives? They may have been the old 'bad batch'. I have used many Maxtor drives for years without issue.

I have usually been more partial to WD or Seagate though. Check here for a pretty good deal on New Egg for a WD 250GB.

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When you say "bad batch". . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to S/N

Have you seen any talk or documentation that indicates there are some drives out there that are documented to fail at huge rates - a true "bad batch"? If so, has there been a recall that I missed?

I haven't compared the S/Ns, but the model numbers are the same.

I think I'll replace them all anyway. I wonder if Maxtor will do anything about it?

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Thanks Jelli

by maxwell edison In reply to HTH

I appreciate the feedback.

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definitely send them back to Maxtor and have them replace them...

by UncleRob In reply to When you say "bad batch". ...

I've never had any problems getting replacement drives from them, harddrives usually carry a decent warranty with them, Maxtor will at least take care of your existing 2 bad drives, they probably won't assist you with the other 6 that haven't failed yet.

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run diags

by tbm In reply to definitely send them back ...

You might also want to run diags on the remaining drives prior to them failing if you suspect they might be problematic. This way you can RMA all at once if there are additional problems.

Seagate drives have been the most reliable in my experience.

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Be wary of New Segate Drives bought thru Computer OL Sites

by ptishberg In reply to definitely send them back ...

Got a Seagate 160 GB External USB/Firewire Drive about a year ago thru (Fry's Electronics on the West Coast - great site for us NYC folks unable to physically walk into the computer warehouse store) and it FAILED right out of the box!

I have been in systems for close to 20 years with multiple types of drive purchases and while I echo most users here on this thread (WD sucks - hence their cheap price, Toshiba/IBM/Segate ususally all good, my two new contenders - Fantom and Nandano), ANY DRIVE CAN FAIL FOR ANY NUMBER OF REASONS. Backup, repeat, Backup, repeat, Backup - there is nothing sweeter than Recovery.

To conclude, I had gone to the Seagate site and registered with a DMA and sent the drive back to Segate (must do this within 30 days of purchase from an online outlet-type vendor) who within 2 weeks time did resend me a new drive (with new attachments (power cord, USB cable - nice bonus) albeit it was in a fairly new condition, but not shrink-wrapped like the one I had purchased. Same size, works great and that's the key here anyway.

I think that some vendors may unknowingly and or maliciously ship to their supplier/3rd party outlet store partners the drives that come from a batch that have known issues or reported problems from QA.

Anybody else had issues like me with Online Outlet store drive purchases (Outpost, TigerDirect, eCost, Geeks, Newegg, FutureShop,..)?

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Will Maxtor Do Anything?

by pwest In reply to When you say "bad batch". ...

If you registered your harddrive(s) on Maxtor's website, there is a possibility they will replace them if a Maxtor is what you want.

I am not sure whether they will reimpurse you or not but worth a try.

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by jkaras In reply to When you say "bad batch". ...

we bought Dell GX270 pcs and GX260 with 40 gig Maxtors. They were a defective batch on recall. We had to get past the failure rate to enable a recall or call individually on each one. If these are in a Dell pc at boot up hit crtl+alt+D and it will run a diagnostic. You will get an failure code of 7 or just call and give that code
I have a 120gig Maxtor in my personal computer at home with a Seagate 200 gig. Both work great and have been dependable. I chose the Seagate simply for the refurbished price and a whopping 5 year warrantee. All HDDs are the same based off the same technology and quality. They are made in third world countries in mass quanities. You just have to roll the dice.
The only company I refuse to do business with is Western Digital. They sold me and my roomate at the time a defective 80 gig. It took almost three months with a ton of harrassing emails and calls to finally get our hdd. The only problem was they sent back a smaller drive. It was only a 60 gig. Since my roomate bought it and the pc had parts of mine, he decided to just deal with it. Wanting any longer or any cross shipping was out of the question.

My vote is Seagate the best for bang for the buck principle, Western Digital the worst over worst support imaginal. Nobody should be subjected the hassel we had.

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Interesting, WD

by w2ktechman In reply to S/N

Western digital drives seem to fail for me quite often. I had mentioned it to another tech and they said the same thing happened with them.

I prefer seagate or toshiba for notebooks or seagate or Maxtor for desktops

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