Best home network monitoring option? Need simple and effective.

By qcmgjb ·
I have home internet from XFinity with download speed up to 150Mbps. I use a Netgear C6250-100NAS all-in-one cable modem and wifi router. At my house I typically have around 9 different devices using the internet.

Can you recommend an option for monitoring my home network traffic, please? I want a simple, user friendly option because I want to know...
1) how much bandwidth is each device using?
2) what web sites or IP addresses are being accessed by each device?

To get this information, do you recommend for me that I purchase a new modem or router? Or do you recommend that I install software such as PRTG?
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Network Monotoring piece of software

by kalpeshjuthani456 In reply to Best home network monitor ...

I would like to answer the question It depends on your need. There are three kinds of solutions:

Packet monitoring on a mirroring port. With a mirroring port, you can get all network traffic copy for diagnose/monitoring. The basic tool is “Wireshark”. There are a lot more advanced tools. For example, “WFilter internet content filter”, a software solution for monitoring, filtering and blocking.
SNMP based monitoring. Easy to set up, with less powerful features. You can check “PRTG”.
Transparent network bridge. By deploying a Linux network bridge(ie: WFilter NGF), you can monitor/filter/shape bandwidth.

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PRTG is one Network Monotoring piece of software

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Best home network monitor ...

And there are others and from what you have asked here that is the way to proceed. You need somethign that will look at the entire network and tell you what is going on.

I'm not sure about the piece of software you mentioned as I have never used it here we use Wire Shark for monotoring the network and find it easy to use but that could be because we've been using it for ages and have adopted to all the changes over the years others who have never used it previously may find it difictult to use Maybe.

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Home network monitoring

by alexanealessia In reply to Best home network monitor ...

If you want to control the home network there are many software and tools are available for monitoring of the home network. PRTG network monitor is one of th ebest tool to monitor home network.

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