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Best Known Method - SOE for Netware 4.11

By ccb ·
I need some technical support in relation to setting up and distributing our SOE base images and applications software. We are using a combination of Norton Ghost and ZenWorks 2.0 for dekstops to this end. Currently, the base images (no apps) are sent ot he PCs via ghost and then the applications software is sent in 2 parts - the workstation specific components and then the user specific application components via snapshot applications in NDS using ZenWorks.

In order for us to deploy a full image and the applications, IT need to log in as the person having their PC ghosted to associate the new registry entries with that person. As you can image, this is very tedious, and I suspect, unnecessary. Can we use the local default NT user for these settings? We currently have about 4 resarts in the process and are planning to roll out 150 user over a weekend ....

I would like to know what the best known method for o/s and application distribution is, in the environment described above.

Please help!


Caroline Brown.

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Best Known Method - SOE for Netware 4.11

by erikdr In reply to Best Known Method - SOE f ...

We don't have deep experience with ZEN (though I love it much more than e.g. SMS and WinInstall), but in WinInstall we solved the problem. All association of user-specific registry keys is done during startup of the PC _after the user has logged on_(in a Startup script, not the logon script). A popup window warns the user not to interrupt the process. I guess you can also script something similar with ZEN...

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

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