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    Best language to develop apps


    by cumbress ·


    My name is Alejandro, I’m a Mechanical engineer and I don’t know absolutely anything about app development. I am a business owner and at the moment I use an app called Tsheets for all my field workers. I’m looking to hire some developers to create a similar app that works across various platforms and that can also be used online on any PC/laptop/mac etc. Can anyone please point me out in the right direction, What is the best language for such task? What should be the minimum requirements of the person hired to do the job? and finally, What do you think its a reasonable time frame to develop and app.

    Thank you
    Alejandro Moncada

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      Best Language to develop an app.

      by dishapatne ·

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      There are many languages to develop an app. LikeHTML5, Java, C+, C++, etc. Apparently, HTML5 is one of the ideal languages to develop an app. Also, it should take you around 15 weeks to develop an app. For more details on how to develop an app and other useful information visit

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        Best Language to Develop Apps

        by ranjitshankar ·

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        Hi @Cumbress, I totally agree with @DishaPatne and their statement about app development is 100% true. As there are many languages such as C Sharp, JavaScript, HTML5, Ruby, Pearl, etc. i.e. from the basic to higher level programming languages so, anything can be applied to implement an app. But, it completely depends on the requirements and functionalities of that app and of course the OS as well. If you want more clarification on this, then just Google “the right programming language for app development” -Cheers!

        Best Regards
        NOUS Infosystems

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