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Best Linux Flavor

By cupcake ·
After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I'm back. And I need your expertise.

I am leading a group that is QA'ing a new product that will is hardware with a web portal and a desktop app. Think of something like iTunes...

I know nothing about Linux. I want to include this platform, but need to know which version of Linux is a)most used and b)most popular (the two can be mutually exclusive).

And secondarily, if you use Linux, what browser do prefer? And why?

Thanks and glad to be back!

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Re: Linux

by christianshiflet In reply to Best Linux Flavor

As for which distribution of Linux is the most popular or most used, I have no idea about verifiable numbers. I do, however, see discussions like this that lean towards Ubuntu as a strong favorite. Additionally, Ubuntu seems to be the core for other distributions so if you were to design an app to work in Ubuntu I would then assume it would also work, for example, in Mint.

My browser of choice, in Linux and Windows, is Firefox. It is the first browser I used in both and have yet to find a reason to switch. Additionally, any other option (for me, anyway) would have to be available for both Linux and Windows as well as offer a portable option. I hope that helps.

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by cupcake In reply to Re: Linux

...the info I am looking for. thank you!

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And the core for Ubuntu is

by seanferd In reply to Exactly...


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by ---TK--- In reply to Best Linux Flavor

is a great place to watch all the major players, and get info about up and comming releases.

I use ubuntu 8.10 & 9.04 on a couple of my machines. Firefox is my browser of choice in Windows and Linux.

Best of luck!

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I'll check it out...

by cupcake In reply to

Thanks! More good info.

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Ubuntu sounds to be the favorite here

by Slayer_ In reply to Best Linux Flavor

And I personally use Orca on Windows and Opera on Linux.

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If you make it to work with Debian, it will make most of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Best Linux Flavor

the current favourite flavours. Ubuntu is a fast growing common flavour with many spin offs as well.

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My flavor

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Best Linux Flavor

It's Black Raspberry, no wait that's ice cream. Um, PC Linux OS, yeah that's it.

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Black Raspberry?

by NickNielsen In reply to My flavor

Rocky Road. Or maybe Cherry Vanilla (with, of course, chocolate syrup).

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Ubuntu 9.04 and Firefox

by NickNielsen In reply to Best Linux Flavor

Welcome back, cupcake. Good to see you again.

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