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    Best of Class Defect Tracking System


    by doug_levitt ·

    I am looking for a best of class defect tracking system. I have looked at Ration Clear Quest and am wondering if anyone is aware of a superior product…

    Please let me know…Thanks…

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      Best of Class Defect Tracking System

      by denis a. bilas ·

      In reply to Best of Class Defect Tracking System

      Clear Quest is the way to go.

      But for large companies (200+ employees) you should consider creating your own tracking system with simple Web interface. It’s not so hard (often from 1 man/month to 1 man/year)

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      Best of Class Defect Tracking System

      by ksk ·

      In reply to Best of Class Defect Tracking System

      Rational’s Clear Quest is good. However there are several tools available in the market and I would suggest to use a tool which you are familiar with. However a tool based approach needs to be understood by all wotjing on the project and thats a mighty difficult job.

      Together with the tool of your choice, a simple template which logs each defect and tracks it to closure would be my advise. A Defect report log, giving the nature of the defect — you could rate it on a 1 to 5 scale depending on the severiy (1 being least and 5 being severe), when it is reported, the status (open/closed) and whether a re-testing is done, and its results would go a long way in managing defects. The template itself is pretty easy to create and can be made available on the local intranet and this is easy to understand by all involved in the project.

      A tool is definitely required but together with a tool a defect management system of this nature puts you in control of the project.

      More often than not, when defects are r

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