Best option: File & internet sharing -120 meters apart/no line of sight

By starfish2012 ·
We run a bush campground and have two buildings 120 meters apart (office and home), we want to network the two buildings for file and internet sharing.

There is a HUGE two story shed and toilet block in between them totally obstructing line of site.

We will be trenching between the two for buildings and getting an electrician in to run a phone line between them, so it would not be a major issue to run a cable at the same time if this is the best option.

What is the most reliable/ cost effective option?

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Powerline adapters

by wjal1 In reply to Best option: File & inter ...

At 120 meters, you are just beyond the specification for ethernet cable. If you have power in each building, I would try a pair of powerline adapters. They should work even if the service is on 2 different meters, as long as they are serviced from the same pole transformer. If there is no power in the second building then perhaps you can run power out through the trench, and then use the powerline adapters.
As for wi-fi, the higher frequencies like 2.4GHz and 5GHz are not effective without line of sight, but 900MHz equipment should work well enough at 120M.

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Look into Fiber optics

by stux In reply to Best option: File & inter ...

At those distances, and since you're running a business, I would strongly consider running fiber. You'd get good speeds and high levels of reliability. There would be no need to set up repeaters, only fiber modems at each end.

I am not familiar with brands or vendors. A quick google search list these vendors: (apparently serves Australia based on your profile)
I'd imagine their support can tell you what you'd need for your setup. Your local telecom should also have experience setting up fiber bridges.

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Awesome options - thank you!

by starfish2012 In reply to Best option: File & inter ...

Thanks for the advice, I will speak to our telco and electrician and investigate further. Both buildings are on the same power meter, and both have power. So looks like all options could be worth further investigation. Are you able to further advise if any of the options would support wireless networks to be set up inside each of the locations if I put a wireless router at each end? I would like be able to have a broadband EFTPOS, 2 laptops, 2 i-phones and an IPAD online simultaneously if possible!

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Reponse To Answer

by info In reply to Awesome options - thank y ...

Fiber optic would be the best solution, but you'll probably find it a bit pricey compared to ethernet or wireless. Does that shed/toilet block building have power? If it does, you could relay the signal through that, or run your ethernet cable to the shed, hit a repeater/booster, and then continue the cable from there to the other building.

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Reponse To Answer

by JD Farmakidis In reply to Awesome options - thank y ...

The best option is probably going to be to repeat the signal in the middle block. Shouldn't be a problem to support any/all of the devices you need. With the right repeating device or wireless bridge you will be very happy. Fibre in my honest opinion is overkill for your scenario. You need decent antenna on the right AP/repeater. No need to dig up anything. If you were going to go with Ethernet Over Powerline, you need to know if it's on the same phase, but that is also a very good inexpensive option for you. regards. J.D.

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