Best option for pushing a HDD image over network

By pilgrim_ahoy ·
Bit of a n00b at an educational institute. We need to be able to push a HDD image/clone out over the network for an unattended install. The image will have three partitions; XP, Win7 and Mint(Ubuntu). Best options for imaging and delivery of the image are sought (BartPE doesn't seem to be cuttin' it. But that could just be us). A free or really cheap software solution would be preferred. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm not sure that Acronis will do this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Best option for pushing a ...

But it works in a similar way with a Single OS Install. You can look here at the Acronis? Backup & Recovery? 10 Advanced Server

I've just never tried a Triple Boot Option with it so I'm not 100% sure.


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You pay for what you get...

by pilgrim_ahoy In reply to I'm not sure that Acronis ...

but seems expensive. We have Acronis but not the server edition. We'll be investigating FOSS avenues but we're currently working with a Windows infrastructure. Thanks.

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Best option for pushing a HDD image over network

by roxy786 In reply to Best option for pushing a ...

Best option would be if u use norton ghost for the same...
Requirements are a RIS server with all the images installed in it the ones you required and Norton Ghost installed on the same.
Once the setup is ready you can unicast/multicast the images..easily within short period of time..

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a solution for you

by asuvlumuzi In reply to Best option for pushing a ...

Google for something called Clonezilla. It is open source, so you might get it for virtually next to nothing.
If you get the server edition of it, it ought to be able to handle deploys to a large number of pc's

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