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Best Outlook E-Book For Administrators?

By Benjamin ·
Hello everyone,

I want a more advanced book for Outlook administration. I looked on Amazon and found this: Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual but based on the reviews, I am thinking this is not either.

To quote one of the reviewers, I want a book to learn beyond the basics, hoping for more detail on setting options, configuring Outlook and solving difficult conflicts that arise during daily use.

Thank you all in advance.

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i''m not sure what you would look for

by PurpleSkys In reply to Best Outlook E-Book For A ...

but i did stumble upon this while i was looking around...i did a quick google search for MOUS (Microsoft office user specialist), that's not what they call it anymore, but the books for that might be a place to start?...

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by Benjamin In reply to i''m not sure what you wo ...

I like your suggestion. This would serve two purposes actually so thank you.

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you're welcome

by PurpleSkys In reply to Interesting

my husband did his MOUS a number of years ago...that's what made me think of it for you

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Good call.

by Benjamin In reply to you're welcome

I found this book: Microsoft? Certified Application Specialist Study Guide: 2007 Microsoft Office System Edition

I wish I could sample it first but I am about 99% there in deciding to purchase it.

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Paradigm shift?

by oldbaritone In reply to Best Outlook E-Book For A ...

Perhaps searching for the "Best Outlook E-Book for Administrators" is not unlike pre-copernican astronomy - "The study of the ways the sun, moon, and planets revolve around the earth."

Perhaps the definition of the search precludes its successful outcome.

Perhaps what you want isn't in a book.

Be more creative, look for other ways to learn, and I bet you'll succeed.

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Open to suggestions

by Benjamin In reply to Paradigm shift?

Interesting analogy. I am very open to suggestions. I can do the basics in Outlook but want a firm knowledge of how to do everything particularly with relations EMC. Where would you begin?

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That's a shift I'm having a hard time making.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Paradigm shift?

I don't seem to absorb information as well off the screen, especially technical 'How To' information I'm use to getting in print form. I can't figure out the best way to use reference manuals that are presented in electronic form. I can't highlight them, I can't bookmark them, I can't read them over lunch, I can't figure out how to print some of them except a page at a time.

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I understand completely

by Benjamin In reply to That's a shift I'm having ...

I used to have some reference books on my iPaq. That proved to be ineffective. I now have a Nook though. I can do all the things you mention. Well, I don't know if I can print but I have the Networking Bible and I have bookmarks, highlighting, notes and all that.

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