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Best password management software

By Wolvenmoon ·
It dawned on me as I registered the something-ith account on a forum under the same name with a pick out of 15 greater than 8 character passwords I had memorized that I was probably really, really vulnerable to just a single dishonest administrator getting ahold of one of my passwords.

So I thought of what I needed for ideal security, a different randomly generated password on each account I had. There would be no way I could memorize them and I need access on multiple computers, so I thought some more.

What I decided I needed was a program that could take two seed words and generate passwords based upon them, or generate a completely random password and save it to an encrypted file that I could pull up easily on multiple computers at once.

I know there's a program out there that can do this. Ideally it'd be one that I could regenerate my passwords from. ( I.E. I memorize one password for one field, then run the web address through a cipher for the other field )

What all do you guys use?

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A pocket notebook and a pen - write down

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Best password management ...

the site URL, the ID, and the password - adjust for each site as you wish.

I have several, and one is what I use at forums as I don't give a stuff if it gets broached as it does no good anywhere else.

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The graphite in my pencil

by santeewelding In reply to A pocket notebook and a p ...

Remains uncompromised to this day.

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I use roboform

by gautampai In reply to Best password management ...


Roboform might not meed the requirement that you want.(Taking 2 random seeds and generating the password) But it generates random password on its own. Its very easy to use and it has a online sync as well. It is protected by a master password. So if the master password is compromised everything is compromised. (As in SSO).

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Almost what I want

by Wolvenmoon In reply to I use roboform

Why I want to be able to control the generation is in case I lose whatever I'm using to generate passwords.

I also really, really don't want it to be on an online site that would act as a single target and have a domino effect on everything else.

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I use Sticky Password

by HavlicekChas In reply to Almost what I want

It sounds like you want to be a little too much in control of generating the passwords. What you need is strong passwords and a way to manage them. Create the Master Password any way you want, but let the program create and manage the passwords for you.

I'm with you on the online site. I'll take an installed product on my computer any day of the week over a website!

I use Sticky Password and I haven't been let down yet.

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Secure - Open Source Solution

by itproadmin In reply to Best password management ...

Use KeePass, <> it is an Open Source software and undergoes continuous development. It is a safe solution compared to downloading just anything else.

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Thanks! Am giving it a try

by Wolvenmoon In reply to Secure - Open Source Solu ...

I'm going to try it out on a few of my systems and see if they can stay synced and secure. Depending on how it works I may install it to a truecrypt volume on each system for an extra layer of security. ( for any googlers that come by )

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I use Sticky Password

by nicholaswatts In reply to Best password management ...

Hi, I use Sticky Password because of its intuitive and strong Password Generator. It creates strong passwords with desired length and characters - each time it generates another and random password. Then is it saved to the encrypted database, where you have all your accounts.

Now I can't imagine my password management process without it. It is pretty addictive :-)

They have a trial version, so you can try it for free.

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