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    Best Payment Gateway for 99 cents a month


    by carmentmalangone ·

    I am working with a company that has a mobile app and they would like to start some in-app purchases. Specifically they would like to charge $0.99 a month for a user to use a specific feature.

    Can anybody recommend the best payment gateway for accepting this type of payment?

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      I have to guess this is for the Apple or something else.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Apple has restricted in-app purchases to the point there is really no option but to use the Apple In app purchase system.

      Also it’s further restricted as you read discussions like

      Now about Google Android. These same restrictions are coming down.

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      Best Payment Gateway for 99 cents a month

      by imjessicawade ·

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      Is the return processed the same day? Because the initial transaction is removed from the end of day final processing, the % charge is recovered. All transactions are batched together and processed at the end of the day. If you do a return and day, it is regarded a “void” and is not included in the end-of-day batch, thus the % charge is never applied. If there are any flat costs, these are still applied.

      All gates behave in the same way, but how they handle voids and returns is up to them. You may be correct, since I haven’t used stripe in a long time. I’m aware that certain gateways need you to use a special did void request to process the return the same day and remove the transaction from the batch. When you execute a return, even if it’s same-day, some gateways will just add it to the batch, so the initial transaction is completed, the % charge is applied, and then it’s returned seconds later.

      I’m just throwing some information out there. If Stripe have a void method, you’ll probably only need to make sure the refund is processed the same day to avoid the % cost. If Stripe isn’t managing returns in this manner, I agree that it’s a bit shady. check details here:

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