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best pc security

By bldsm ·
What would people suggest is the best software to buy for a home pc that will block spyware coming in while on-line, stop viruses coming in and stop eerything else that I don't need affecting my pc.


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by CG IT In reply to best pc security

for spyware I use spybot search & destroy. For viruses I use Norton Antivirus and for a firewall I use Norton Personal Firewall.

What is the "Best" software? IMO there isnt' a "best". Competing antivirus software all do the same thing. Same with firewalls. little user interaction, ease of understanding the instructions, support from the vendor and continual updates should all be factors in deciding what to buy.

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by bldsm In reply to

thanks for your help

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by Oz_Media In reply to best pc security

There are MANY free and very robust solutions that will outperform retail offerings.

For finding Sptware and Internet tracking software I use ADWARE:
AdAware: httpl//

For AntiVirus, I find AVG FREE edition is excellent, it dowsn't intrude on the other system processes, stays up to date and works without issues.

AVG Free edition:

I used to use retail tools on all rebuilds but since having multiple Norton relaed troubles, I've found that these free tools get me a lot more complinents than others I used to purchase.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Correction to the Adaware URL

Oooops, put a l in the first one

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by bldsm In reply to

Great - thanks a lot

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by TheChas In reply to best pc security

I agree with D.R. that there is no "best" solution to PC security.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Switch to the Mozilla web browser. It does not have the same security holes that IE has. Plus, the built-in pop-up blocker is very effective.

2. Install a firewall. I prefer Zone Alarm from

3. Anti-Virus software is an on-going battle ground as to which one is the "best".
I use McAfee. For 1 thing, I have had fewer configuration and conflict issues with the systems that I have installed McAfee on then the ones I have installed Norton on.

The free version of AVG has received good reviews.

As has the free version of Avast.

4. AdAware and SpyBot both have their pluses and minuses.

5. One thing to do, is to set your ActiveX, JAVA, and other browser security settings to as high a level as you are comfortable with.

6. Disable or turn off Windows Messaging. There are a number of pop-ups that now come in through Windows Messenger.

7. Turn off your PC when it will not be used for over 2 hours.
I know that many people recommend leaving a PC on around the clock to "reduce" wear and tear on components.
However, a PC that is turned off cannot be infected or hacked.


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by TheChas In reply to

Was just reminded of another free quality anti-virus solution.

eTrust from Computer Associates is available free for home use.


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by bldsm In reply to

Thanks for your thorough answer. Will try all this.

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by bldsm In reply to best pc security

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