Best PC temperature and fan-speed monitor software???

By robo_dev ·
I have a Dell 530S desktop that despite being 100% dust-free inside, is locking up with the fan on high, which sounds like an overheat issue. I can hear a little bit of odd fan noise, so I bet a fan is on it's last legs and spinning too slowly.

Any favorite utilities for this?

I run XP Pro on this PC.

I was planning to give SpeedFan a try and grab a copy of the Dell Diagnostics for this machine, but if there is something better, I'm all ears. Speedfan can show fan RPMs, which I am guessing is the problem in my case.


HW Monitor

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Speedfan is probably one of the best you can use

by Slayer_ In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

It has the features you require, though it may not be able to display your fan RPM's unless your fans are run by the motherboard and not your power supply (or directly hooked up, not variable speed).
Speedfan also displays the temperatures of your various hardware.

Finally, most computers don't lock up when they overheat, they shutdown.

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System Information Viewer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

May also be of assistance to you.

I've been using it for years now without any problems.


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pc locking up with odd noises

by gothicbuddha In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

sounds to me like the cooling fan for your CPU heat sink is failing. all the programs in the world will do you no good once the fan fails and your CPU burns up. get it checked out or replace it your self if you are so inclined.

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I have

by .Martin. In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

speedfan running all the time in my task bar, which I have found to be really good. I also use System Info for Windows, which gives information on nearly ANYTHING you could need

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another program

by mzbcracker2 In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

real temp is another good app that might help can also log the temperature.

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I don't think you are going to have much luck.

by philldmc In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

I have an Dell Studio XPS and yet to find any software that works. From my understanding Dell has purposly omitted the hardware monitoring chip required by these types of software to work. If you go into the bios you will not see a monitoring screen..

If you do find something that works please let me know.

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Update: it's not a heat issue

by robo_dev In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

I have been running speedfan, which seems to work very well. It tells me the core temperatures, the hard drive temperatures, and the video GPU temperatures.

This PC has a nVidia GeForce 8400GS. I had no idea that video cards got so hot (over 65 C when viewing HD video).

I ran the loooooong (3 hour) Dell Diags on this machine and it passed with flying colors.

I am starting to think that this machine either has weird motherboard fault/bug or a bad power supply.

Some others on the Internet have reported that a very similar problem on their Dell Dimension 530S was VERY difficult for Dell to diagnose, and was fixed by replacing motherboard, fans, and/or power supply. Dell swapped the motherboard and fans on one guy's PC and the problem remained, but a new PSU fixed it.

To recap the symptom:
The PC, when not under much load at all, will just turn all it's cooling fans onto high, and hard-lockup, with the blue power light slowly blinking. PC can only be restarted by powering down.

One odd thing is that the blue light sometimes continues to blink after restart, and a second restart lets the power light go solid (some bit flipped?).

It's not going into suspend mode, as that's disabled. The blue light on the power button is blinking, like it would in standby mode. There is nothing at all in the event logs or nothing special going on at the time (e.g. no virus scan, update, etc)

As a sanity check, I will load a live Linux distro on it, and run it that way for a couple of days. While I am guessing that this is a hardware issue, I could be wrong, and it's some weird ACPI driver issue of some sort. I updated the BIOS and all the various drivers from Dell.

thanks all for replies, I will start a new thread if/when I figure this out.

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Update: it's not a heat issue

by gothicbuddha In reply to Best PC temperature and f ...

most times a blinking light is a sign of a lack of enough memory causing windows to draw memory from your hard drive this will not show a problem in the event logs and can and will cause lock ups. Still if you are still hearing strange noises there is still a possibility of a fan going out and that fan could be the fan in your power supply which too will not show in event logs. Pull off the side cover and power up your computer and listen and diagnose your computer yourself!
as for your video card running so hot...that can be helped by adding more cooling fans to your case to intake & exhaust air from the case. this is just plain ole common sense. My Video card runs at a very cool 36 degrees c constant. CPU never go beyond 41C

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