Best phone for IT professionals...

By LeonidasRomero ·
Good Afternoon Everyone,

As an IT professional and Verizon Wireless customer, I will be coming up soon to my 2 year reup and would like some recommendations from my peers in regards to what phone/mobile OS to upgrade too. Though I do have a short list, some feedback from you all would be greatly appreciated.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

I use the Iphone it's a great business phone and personal phone with will apps for about everything most people like blackberry also, I like the iPhone easy to use and the 3gs has a great list of features.

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I agree, but...

by LeonidasRomero In reply to iPhone

AT&T here in the states is not an option, and with Verizon and Apple both being tight lipped about a future together, who in the heck knows when I will get an iPhone. Do agree with the multitude of apps available though. If only...



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Nooooooooooooooooo. well maybe not so much...

by NexS In reply to iPhone

I think I'm just a serial Apple hater because i grew up with them (both at school and at home!) and I could never play the cool games all my friends could...
But I hate Apple things... I have an iPod shuffle (the OLD one, 3 inches of pure white music producing plastic) but I would never buy a phone from people who make computers... in the same way I'd never by a Windows mobile either...
BUT, that being said, I know alot of people who have iPhones and are happy with them.
Go, buy one, be part of the Apple crowd and enjoy it.

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No has to be Droid-based.

by agarrett In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

By my experience, having used and administered iPhones, Crackberries, Palm devices, etc. the Android-based phones just work better and more reliably than any other phone, period.
Blackberry actually is very good when used with a BES ($$$$$$), especially if you need to be able to lock/wipe a lost phone, but initial cost and setup will be prohibitive for SMB's.
The Droid and Verizon combo offers the BEST phone coverage with the ability to tether the phone via Bluetooth as a wifi hotspot for meetings in those dark nether regions where 802.11 may be absent. (Jail-breaking may be necessary).

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by ITsteve13 In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

I vote BlackBerry. The E-mail interface is easier than any I've seen. Of course, most people on here are going to vote in favor of the phones that they own.

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by BillMlod In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

I have a iPhone personally but my wife has a blackberry and believe me it is easy to use and has great service. She didn't even have to ask to many questions to use it after I setup her email, she was able to add a personal account herself. She really likes it.
I like the iPhone but wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Verizon to get it.

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Depends on what you need

by christianshiflet In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

BlackBerry's OS and phones work really well and don't lock you in to any one carrier. And if you are a small business running Exchange you can setup BES Express for free, now, so that really reduces the cost of this option. It does, however, add time and maintenance.

I really like the Android OS, and the newer versions available now should have Exchange integration built in. Additionally I honestly prefer the interface to the iPhone.

Windows Mobile devices speak for themselves. They aren't usually considered the best, but they do work with MS apps and Exchange really well (for obvious reasons).

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Android (Closely Followed by iPhone)

by brett.sheeran In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

I have spent a lot of time using both the Android and iPhone operating systems. Frankly, the iPhone UI is just a bit more polished. However, I prefer Android because the OS isn't as restricted as the iPhone. If you are considering an Android device I suggest only considering the 1 GHz models such as HTC Incredible, Nexus One, Motorola Droid. If you are considering an iPhone, I suggest holding out for the next generation due mid-year. The Palm Pre and late model Blackberries have much to recommend. However, while those devices might be popular now, I think their market share is reducing.

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Nokia E90..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Best phone for IT profess ...

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