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By Mos_Fett ·
Hey everyone!

I'm looking to retire my iPhone 6 and pick up a new smartphone this fall. I want your advice on which phone will age the best. Although I'm pretty happily engulfed in the Apple "ecosystem", I'm not thrilled about iPhones. My 6 has slowed down and become glitchy. Some quick examples: my screen sometimes just goes black, Apple designed apps like messages randomly crash, and I can't receive notifications unless I disable bluetooth (like that makes sense haha). And before the Android folks out there get too excited - I've had trouble with those too. I've googled this topic a lot but it seems like every article is aimed at which phone has the best camera, processor, screen, battery life, etc. Although this is good information, it's not what I really care about. Deep down, a 3% faster processor or mildly better resolution screen doesn't matter when I'm trying to google a data sheet, use my GPS, or send a text. Same goes for cameras, battery life, and pretty much every other spec. What I really care about a lot is how my phone ages. I'm a college student and don't want to drop $1k for a new phone every few years.

In your experience, which phone brands & which OSs have held up the longest? In other words, which have you seen to still be fast, lag free, and have only a few bugs after 5 or so years?

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