Best place for a PC tech to get Mac trained?

By wrw70433 ·
I am an independant PC tech with very little Mac experience. I have noticed a need in my local area for a Mac tech. I don;t neccessarily care for Macs, but I'll take anybody's money to do a job :) What is the best way to get trained on Mac hardware/OS. Is it worth taking some sort of training class. Are there certain books that are good. Or should I just get my hands on a Mac and play with it?

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Get a mac and play with it

by robo_dev In reply to Best place for a PC tech ...

There may be some information on the Internet about the subject. :>

As a PC person, you can probably fake having mac knowledge pretty easily. If you know PCs very well, you could learn mac support in about 20 minutes, tops.

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