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Best Pop-Up Blocker

By jeremy ·
I'm looking for a good pop up blocker and was wondering if any of you might have found one that works the best. I have had problems in the past with AD Smasher not blocking some pop ups, and blocking some windows that I want, such as a link. Let me know what the best one you have found is. Thanks.

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by jeremy In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

After I posted this I was looking at the Google Toolbar. Looks like it would be good if it works. Comments on the toolbar from anyone who has used it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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by parvus1202 In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

Absolute shield is good, and if your are using WinXP pro, then install SP2, it got it's own pop up blocker.

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by Don Christner In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

I use Google's popup blocker at work and at home. It works, is easy to allow a popup when you want and it's free. What could be better?


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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

I agree with Don. I have the Google bar on all my machines. You can customize it for each web site that you want to allow popups on, and it has an autofill feature (I don't use it tho). I've had it about 5 months with no problems.


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by TheChas In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

I recommend the Mozilla Web browser.

The built in pop-up blocker is great.
I have NEVER had a pop-up open with the blocker enabled.

It is so good, I need to disable it for some web sites that use pop-up windows.


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by cglrcng In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

I'll second the Mozilla...Any of them.

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by p.sigley In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

The google toolbar has a good blocker but i found it blocked some wanted popups. This is available from

Also if you dont need it go into services and diable the messanger service as a lot of pop up spammers exploit this feature of windows to send ads mainly of a pornographic nature.

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by the world is an illusion In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

The don has got your back. Go to and click on tools. Go down to google toolbar. Download and install. It's easy, And does wonders for blocking pop-ups. No spyware comes with it. I stand behind it 100%

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by noemib In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

I recently ran across the Earthlink Toolbar (don't be fooled by the name). It not only has a great pop-up blocker but has a Scamblocker also. If it happens to block a window you need to see, simply hold your control key down while clicking the link to open the pop up. Works great!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Best Pop-Up Blocker

i use the Google toolbar myself and put it on for all my customers. it installs idiot-proof. It doesn't affect performance at all and let's you search with google right from your current window. i use google now to search the microsoft database. many times it is faster...hat's off to the google programmers...
for my broadband customers i still use Zonealarm Firewall with popup blocker and other usefull features. you can set the 'strenghts'. they still don't get the updates right sometimes and it can slow down the system. i would not recommend it except broadband due to haul on the pipe. i put nav 2003 and zonealarm on if i get my way. still don't like norton internet security...

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