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By Mic2015 ·
Components :
- Win server 2003 - DHCP
- Netgear GS724TV4 Smart Switch
- TZ 200 Sonicwall - Firewall
- Ubiquiti 5 port Tough Switch
- 2 Ubiquiti Unifi Enterprise AP's


Trying to setup Wifi in our Lobby area. The AP's are capable of broadcasting Multiple networks. We'd like one to be our internal business ( The other would be a free Public access Wifi (

The AP's are broadcasting both networks fine, but the Public network is not receiving the proper IP addresses. It's giving them the business address range.

The problem lies somewhere with the DHCP server settings or the Sonicwall. If I plug the Sonicwall into the mix, the AP's become undiscoverable. On the server, we created a 2nd Scope for the Public network. This is where I'm not sure if it was the best choice. I was considering crreating a second Forest for added security, Coworker thought creating the 2nd Scope the better(easier) option.

Any thought on where to look first for the issue of the Public IP range not being sent out prooperly ? Thoughts on a better DHCP setup for this situation ?

If you need more info, let me know. I tried to give as much as I could. My knowledge of configuring networks is not my strong point.

Thanks in advance.

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