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Best Practice For namig computers

By aaronpctech ·
Hello all. I have a quick simple question that I'm sure all of you seasoned veterans have a quick answer to. I'm still pretty fresh to the Admin field, and I want to know what are the best ways to name computers on the net work. Should I just do a simple: xxx1, xxx2, xxx3. Should I break it down by departments. Should I do it by the name of the users or the phone ext. What are some of the best, most efficient ways that you all have found to name computers.

Thank you for all of your help.

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Stay away from using USER names

by Lost_one In reply to Best Practice For namig c ...

If you use a Users name for the computer name you will have to change it each time you move the computer to a new user, same goes for phone ext. If you break it down by departments in the future you may need to change the computer name if it move to another department.

I use WS-xxx and for the servers I use a non-discriptive name. This way the computer name should never have to be change.

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Absolutely - Don't use user names

by z23micro In reply to Stay away from using USER ...

At just three simple network sites, I've had considerable time wasted because of worker changes and relocations. I'll never use names or extensions again.

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Keep it simple

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Best Practice For namig c ...

We use DTxxxx for desktops and LTxxxx for laptops. All we're interested in is assigning a unique name to the device so they can connect to our domain, and so we can track the machine in inventory. I've seen others that begin with an alpha character that indicates the hardware model.

Avoid using departments, usernames, phone numbers, or any other information that could change during the expected life of the machine. Avoid creating a complex system where each character indicates various hardware specs (RAM, drive size, monitor size, video card, etc.); these get too complicated. Track this info in a separate inventory appliation or spreadsheet.

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Use your asset tag

by killianj In reply to Keep it simple

We use a variation on Palmetto's suggestion. We use DT/LT + asset tag number, assgining this to the machine name - in the computer desciption we will often indicate the assigned user's name, or kiosk location.

For servers, we use FS/PS/WS+tag number, to indicate File Server, Print Server, Web Server, etc... I got sick of trying to come up with really cute names or name themes - and it was always an issue when talking to management or executives. Functional is good - KISS

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I agree with using asset tag

by loefvinc In reply to Use your asset tag

We currently use asset tag prefixed with some location information for the machine name. It's better than most of the naming standards I have seen in the past. Each is unique and quickly matched to the machine type/model/make,etc.

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Distributed systems

by jdmercha In reply to Keep it simple

We have distributed responsibility here. Different people do the computer setups for different departments. And different departments use different naming conventions. We use deptname-serial#.

In our case the department will never change and the serial number provides a unique identifier.

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I would go by the owner of the asset if that's applicable

by DMambo In reply to Distributed systems

Where I work, the depsrtments and different sites are responsible for submitting the asset requests and paying for PC's. So we use characters for site, dept, OS, and the sequential numbering. We also label each machine with the machine name so users have it handy when dealing with help requests.

If machines find their way to a different dept, they are renamed.

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You guys are great

by aaronpctech In reply to Keep it simple

It makes me feel good that I can always count on the Tech Republic Crew to lend me a hand when Im in need. I think I will follow your suggestions as far as DTxxx and LTxxx. THe guy who was here before me named everthing by phone ext which is getting to be quite annoying.

Thank you all for all of your suggestions. No doubt I will be asking more questions :)

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Simple is Best

by d50041 In reply to Best Practice For namig c ...

We use SYS for workstations, FS for file servers and DC for domain controllers. All followed with a number, this could be based on how many systems (nodes) you might track. But whichever you choose, do use KISS. File servers could use org names , such as FSacctg for an accounting file server, or DCMain for a domain controller in the Main St. location. More than one? then FSacdctg1 and FSacctg2. Mkae it easy to remember and obvious when using admin tools.

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Functional, Intuitive Naming

by jonathan In reply to Simple is Best

I'm happy to see at least one reply referring to the function or use of the device. Yes, a workstation is a workstation, and you can name them all AnnoyingUser01-99, but it is helpful to include the dept. such as Market01, Manufac19, etc. Servers are much easier to deal with if the names describe functional use, and location is an excellent idea else, e.g. ExchangeBldg2, Domain1Corp, FileServerSpringSt, etc.

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