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Best practice for renaming domain computers with _ in name

By Tim E ·
We are helping out a company rename about 100 computers with names that contain underscores (ex: IT_ADMCON_U01). These names are from legacy WinNT DNS. The AD system also runs a old WINS service for legacy accounting apps. I know how to change each name, but want to know best practice on how rename and if possible can it be scripted (I have searched the technet dr script but still am new to the scripting method)

1 - leave domain, reboot, change name, reboot, rejoin domain, reboot (old school but necessary with AD?)

2 - change name, reboot (AD automatically sees new name, just have to delete old DNS and possible WINS entry?)

I am mostly concerned about breaking things, aka WINS server still seeing old name/IP, individual computers antivirus AV not updating due to name change. Given that none of these computers will never be seen outside of a Windows DNS system, would it be more prudent to suggest leave as is alone and start forward to renaming computers in the future without underscores?

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