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By themrgarycole ·
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Can you share with me your strategies or best practices on how you can increase sales productivity? Thanks!

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by sophiehendrix031 In reply to Best practices.

I'd train my employees whenever there's new information would come. This way, they are prepared to answer customers' questions and objection. since I started doing this, our sales increase 10%.

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communication to convince

by angelanna401 In reply to Training.

The sales employees should be well trained to convince the customers/clients using effective communication .The body language and behavior also very important to please the customer .

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Aside from training and coaching

by RS_Darwin In reply to Best practices.

One of the best practices we have is utilizing technology as a means to leverage our business. When a company integrates their communication channels to their CRM system via a CTI tool, they open up an entirely new opportunity of predicting customer behavior.

With CTI, your company can work with reliable data and accurate records yielding accurate results. Tenfold CTI has definitely doubled our sales agents' productivity and increased our conversion rates to as much as 120%! This is waht makes analytics one of the best sales practices next to proper training and targeted coaching.

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That too.

by sophiehendrix031 In reply to Aside from training and c ...

Well, other than training and coaching opportunities, having a great tool would indeed be helpful in a situation like that. The idea we are pointing is to make everything seamless.

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by Lee.Amir In reply to That too.

Other than what was already mentioned, I always try to build a professional relationship with the prospect first prior to doing the actual conversation to close a deal. I guess, it will depend if your business is similar to mine wherein I can build that relationship and not just a cold approach.

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by Mike_Cartwright In reply to That too.

When competition is just about anywhere you turn, the importance of making everything seamless makes logical sense. It'll save you time, not to mention a lot of headache from setting up an otherwise complicated system.

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by ianevans95 In reply to Best practices.


I guess i need to improve my marketing in order to get more consumers. We can use any social media to promote everything that we have.

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Data & Training

by sinja_sin In reply to Best practices.

Yep, I agree with other people here; however, you need to analyze market, customer behavior, and really understand their pain. Your people should be able to find this pain and offer a solution so that your customers will be happy and come back for more or spread the word about you. Train your people to act accordingly to the available information — and the more information they gather, the more successful they are.

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by mamdadati In reply to Best practices.

I came across a white paper titled "How Insight Empowers Salespeople to Sell More" on another CIO website which might be of your interest. Tried to find it on TechRepublic but wasn't able to find so I m linking it below:

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