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By kbainey ·
It's very difficult for me to believe this statement, but knowing the source..Consulting Firm... I understand the context: "Invent Process Problems, then propose your best practices to the client"; and walk away with $$ but chaos still prevails...

Your quote:
"That tech management overlooked a key element in project development methodology?the creation of project documentation for each part of the project?s life cycle."

Which CIO believed this ? He must be one of those unqualified ones who spend his entire time trying to fill his callendar with meetings..Then decided to call a consulting firm to do his job, not realizing the "process paralysis-hype" of these consulting firms..
I have 30 years of IT industry experience, with lotsof professional and academic qualifications, and I have seen the progression of re-inventing, and consulting firm's promise to CIO, of the "silver-bullet" magical process or best-practices solution..
The famous "Management Consultant" what was these high-paif management employed to do ? go to meetings ?..
Don't get me wrong ? there are benefits to employing "Management Consultants". but in the IT industry it's severly overkill, mainly because of certain unqualified CIOs, who keep expecting management consulting firm to solve his/her IT-business problems, which in most cases, is the root cause of IT problems and disasters !! ...Have you recommend a best practice for CIO job function ?...If you do, your contract will be could understand.. and the incompetent and non-productive IT development & operations cycle continues...

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