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Best practices in building a client base

By sidney ·
Hello all,
I've recently begun to do work as an independent contractor. I've been in networking for seven years and I provide my services (recommendation, implementation, and support) to smaller businesses.

My question is, how can I go about finding clients without spending a fortune on advertising? I have mostly worked for enterprise customers before and I had a sales force selling my services. Now, it's an interesting exercise for me to figure out how to market and sell to the companies I'm targeting (basically anyone who doesn't have a network staff).

Does anyone out there have any best practices on doing just that?


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Word of Mouth is a good method

by jim In reply to Best practices in buildin ...

I have always found that word of mouth is a great way to built a client base. I to worked for a small contracting firm, and am in the process of helping to start another right now. Most of my client came to me by recommendations from other clients. Do a good job for them, and ask them to give your name to their associates if they are happy with the service that you are supplying. One other tactic that I have seen work is to contact several prospective buisnesses and offer them a "sample" of your service. Look at one problem PC, or printer, without charge (Be reasonable with this I am not suggesting that you take on a three day project for free)this will give them an opportunity to see you in action and build a relationship with a potentialclient. If you solve their problem quickly and correctly they will call you back again. This can give you that base that you need to build from.

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