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    Best Price for old device


    by sweetsparkles81 ·

    Hey guys,

I keep changing my phone quite oftn to get my hands on the latest tech, but I dont get best value for my old phone. Is there a better option for me to get a good exchange value on my phone?

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      Re: price for old device

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Best Price for old device

      Since you don’t tell what you do know, it’s impossible to say if there are better options. In fact, if you know you don’t get the “best value” you can get, one wonders why don’t choose that in stead of an clearly inferior option.

      Anyway, this is quite local. There is no global standard and what might work in the USA might not apply in India.

      I’m locking this thread to prevent spam from all kind of companies that say they are the best. There is no best.

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