best program to detect viruses, malware, ect

By skyhawk1240 ·
I have a computer that for some reason keeps closing down the programs that I am running and shutting down on its own. I do download movies once in a while and I suspect that I might have got a malware or some program that got installed that is causing this. I thought that someone hacked into my computer and was doing this but I disconnected it from the internet and still does it. I am currently at this time wiping the C drive and will reinstalling the OS. Well, it just shut down on me again now so whatever is going on is still there. I am lost. Anyway, is there a program that will detect things like this from happening? I run AVG 9.0 that I thought was suppose to get things like this, but I guess it did not get this one. Any help with the program or what is going on with my computer will be a great help. Thanks Ernie

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by santeewelding In reply to best program to detect vi ...

Throwing up your fingers in a sign of the cross will not do, this time.

There is learning to be done -- basic learning and regurgitation.

What OS, for instance, would help.

Recovery disc, or full retail install, for instance, would help.

Devil is in the details.

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Logic would have it

by shasca In reply to best program to detect vi ...

If you have eliminated the OS (wiping), and are stil having shutdowns then the problem is hardware related. We would be theorizing as to what is failing at this point. System board/Power Supply/ Hardrive/(Memory maybe) can all cause said symptoms.

My first suspect would be the Hdrive, then Power supply.
It's up to you as to your comfort level in continuing the troubleshooting process.


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Other Partitions

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to best program to detect vi ...

The malware could be inside another partition so when you open the drive the malware will hit you system drive again, or it could be in the MBR, thus rebooting the computer will re-infect your system.

Scan your system with one if the following applications or all of them:
Malwarebyte: www.malwarebytes.org
AD-Aware: www.lavasoft.com
GMER: www.gmer.net

Good Luck

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Besides the above answers look in the BIOS and make sure

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to best program to detect vi ...

That the CPU Throttling isn't set too low. If the Temps are set too low here this will cause restarts whenever the CPU gets hot enough.

If this has been running for a while and you are positive that the CPU Restart Temps are correct look for a buildup of Dust and other crud inside the case and clean it out. Pay particular attention tot he CPU's Heatsink and make sure that the Veins in this part of the system are not filled with Dust and other crud which is preventing free air flow over the Heat Sink and causing the CPU to run much hotter than it should be running.

A quick way to check this is to use any Boot Disc and leave the system running on the Boot Disc. It f it restarts reloading the OS will have no effect as it's not running when you are running off a Boot Disc.

If you don't have any form of Boot Disc you can use any of the Live Linux's available here


Or the Ultimate Boot CD available free to download here


If you decide to use the Ultimate Boot CD make sure that you click on it's download link and not the add on that Web page. It's not the same thing even though the name is similar.


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the virus could also

by .Martin. In reply to best program to detect vi ...

be hidden in all you files, so when you copy them across after reinstalling windows, the virus comes with them.

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