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Best Project Management Software for small and medium business?

By scottcobb933 ·
Which is the best project management software for small and medium business companies?

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best project management software for SME's

by terryausten In reply to Best Project Management S ...

Hey Scott,
ValleySpeak Project Server is a hosted Mpp Viewer with powerful collaborative features which helps successful completion of projects in less time and cost.

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MS Project 2007

by emily01 In reply to best project management s ...

I have been using Microsoft's Project 2007 for project scheduling and it can be used for SME's as well. It has many features like Gantt chart, calendar management and resource management. It helps you to manage and keep track of multiple project effectively. Check benefits of MS project 2007

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Enterprise project management software

by emily01 In reply to Best Project Management S ...

Undoubtedly i would suggest Microsoft project management software, which helps in MS project management and implementing through Microsoft Project Plan, which helps in developing your project plan.
If you are looking for MS Project you can have

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"Best"? What's that?

by oldbaritone In reply to Best Project Management S ...

Forgive me for an automotive analogy -

What's the "best" car? If you want fast, there's probably nothing like a Lambo or a Maserati. If you want luxury, it's hard to beat a Rolls-Royce. But if you're environmentally conscientious, you probably wouldn't be happy with any of those. And if you wan't style, you won't be happy with a Prius.

The "best" definition of "best" is: "It does what you need and want it to do, in a way you find acceptable."

True for automobiles, equally true for software.

So, to choose the "best" software for your business, first you need to define what you're trying to accomplish with the PM software, then choose the package that does what you need.

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Project management software

by biljana.pesevska In reply to Best Project Management S ...

Hi Scott,
There isn't one best project management software. It all depends on your company's requirements and you must be very careful when choosing one.
I can suggest that you try my company's software Seavus Project Planner. It has all the core features a project management software should have and much more.

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I think this is TioLive!

by Marshall09 In reply to Best Project Management S ...

To me, this is TioLive. I like it because it is online, very complete and relatively intuitive. If you are a beginner in using this type of software, you learn how to use it thanks to a learning guide available on the website. Moreover, it is Open Source (same source code as ERP5) so that you can add functionalities if you know an adept of development. And even if you grow, you still can use it, just changing the version you use.

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Places to find software

by Svdolphin1 In reply to Best Project Management S ...

I usually go to sites with collections of products that are categorised to find the software I am looking for. The best I find are, and
They have quite a few Project Management Systems in their lists.

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